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Getting extensions ready for Joomla 4 - Tomasz Kowalski (DJ-Extensions)

May-DJExtensions Getting extensions ready: DJ-extensions

For some months now,  we have been approaching extension developers to ask them how they are working towards Joomla 4. This time we talked to Tomasz Kowalski, from DJ-Extensions, whose primary focus is on the customers and making the next version upgrade as smooth as possible.

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Meet a Joomler - Laura Gordon

May-LauraGordon Meet a Joomler Laura Gordon

She has been working with Joomla since 2005 and started to organize Joomla events in 2009. A proud mama and a proud New Yorker, as she defines herself. We talk about Laura Gordon, and in this interview, we know her a little more.

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Getting extensions ready for Joomla 4 - Roland Dalmulder (RO CSVI)


Joomla 4 is one step closer. The last Beta version has recently been published, and we are already waiting for the first Release Candidate. Enough reasons to know how extension developers are working towards the release of the stable version. This time, we talked to Roland Dalmulder, a well-known contributor in the Joomla Community over the years. Today, he told us how he is working on updating his extensions.

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Meet a Joomler - Shivam Rajput

April-Shivam Shivam Rajput

As you may already know, Joomla participates in the 2021 edition of the Google Summer of Code. Enthusiastic students from all over the world get the opportunity to work with us on improving Joomla with exciting new features. Shivam Rajput is the perfect example of what can happen after you join GSoC: you can become a Joomla Volunteer and learn even more! Shivam started as a student of the Google Summer of Code. Today, he is a fundamental part of the team that coordinates Joomla participation in the GSoC. Let's get to know Shivam a little more!

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Meet a Joomler - Josean Telleria

March-Josean Meet a Joomler: Josean Telleria

After more than 15 years of building and maintaining a successful business mainly based on Joomla, Josean decided that the time had come to collaborate with the Joomla project. After attending the Forum for the future in January 2020, he joined the Marketing team.

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Meet a Joomler: Sandra Decoux


Everyone in the Joomla community has heard her name, especially if it is related to documentation or translations. We are talking about Sandra Decoux, who has been involved with Joomla since the early days. She has been part of several teams within the organization and is a community pillar. Let's know her a little more!

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Basic Joomla tutorials by Tim Davis

January-TimDavis Tim Davis

In the Magazine's October issue, Anja showed us where to find the best video tutorials to learn Joomla. One of the sites mentioned is the YouTube channel Basic Joomla Videos, by Tim Davis. An interesting thing about this channel is finding videos of the most different topics, always in a close and simple tone. That is why, on this occasion, we reached Tim to ask him how he does to carry out his channel.

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Getting services ready for Joomla 4 - Victor Drover (Watchful)

December-Watchful Getting services ready

The Joomla ecosystem is vast. A large community among which, in addition to extension and template developers, there are also service providers. In our interviews about the preparation for the release of Joomla 4, we also needed to know how this part of the community is working. That's why, on this occasion, we approached Victor Drover from, a website management tool.

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Getting extensions ready for Joomla 4: Søren Beck Jensen (Component Creator)

November-Componentcreator Component Creator

Joomla 4 Beta 5 has been released, meaning that the Release Candidate version is one step closer. The Joomla Community Magazine continues to approach developers, to see first-hand how they are preparing for the arrival of the next major version of Joomla.

On this occasion, it is the turn of Søren Beck Jensen, the man behind Component Creator, a component to create components.

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15 milestones in 15 years


It all started with a...fork.

Fifteen years ago, a group of people decided to follow their vision and principles and take a different path than the one that was planned for the future.

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