“A Joomler’s Story”, get to know our volunteers


We are living in a weird period, in which we are obliged to practice “social distancing” and we cannot crowd together to meet or get things done. We saw many local and international events cancelled due to the pandemic emergency. And in this period, everyone spends more time to reflect and re-evaluate the importance of many things that we claimed were “normal” for so long.

In this edition of the Community Magazine, we wanted to put people first, remembering that Joomla exists only thanks to “its people” and we wanted to take a moment to appreciate them and their contributions.

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Leadership Interviews: Radek Suski


Radek has been building Joomla extensions for more than ten years and has also given presentations and talks at various local (German and Polish) as well as at international Joomla events.

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Leadership interviews: Brian Mitchell


After attending the Joomla World Conference at Harvard University in 2013, Brian began volunteering for Joomla. He was involved as a member and then team leader of the Joomla Resources Directory (JRD) until 2019.

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Leadership Interviews: Luca Marzo


By its very nature, the Joomla board and structure is in permanent change - but we can find one constant: Luca Marzo, who is starting his fourth term as Secretary of OSM.

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Leadership Interviews: Marco Dings


Before Marco Dings started his own web agency he had a career in IT. He worked for several large top tier companies and has experience in leading international teams. Marco became actively involved in Joomla when he merged his business into a bigger, full-service UK based web agency that employed several Joomla main contributors.

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Leadership Interviews: Hugh Douglas Smith


“What Joomla needs now is a strategy for the future which gives us the ability to survive and grow.” That is what Hugh Douglas-Smith stated in his manifesto when he ran for Legal & Finance Department Coordinator on the OSM Board. Hugh has been on the board as Operations DC for the last two years.

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Meet a Joomler: Christiane Maier-Stadtherr


Christiane is a hidden gem within the Joomla Community. She is actively involved in making Joomla 4 accessible, as a member of the Accessibility Team. She also worked on the new Workflow feature that will be shipped in the new version of Joomla.

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Community Openings: Joomla wants you!


Would you like to get more involved with Joomla? Read more about this month’s highlighted volunteer positions below.

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Bugs and Fun @ Home - Contribute to Joomla during the lockdown


The idea for the event came out of a Production meeting on the 24th March. Bug Squad team lead Nicola Galgano suggested that while in lockdown we should do a mini PBF.

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Preparation for Pizza, Bugs & Fun 2020



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Talking about Tailwind CSS


In the past month, due to a series of astronomic events, I talked about Tailwind in two video sessions, doing live coding on Youtube. I've realized that it is tough to do it well and the work that Adam Wathan does (the original Tailwind author) promoting Tailwind CSS is exceptional. Check Adam's Tailwind video channel.

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How COVID-19 Can Create Positive Results for Website Creators


For many companies and roles, COVID-19 has brought unexpected closure and job loss. However, for others, it’s been a way to get creative on how to keep their doors open, including moving to a virtual model of business. 

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J and Beyond 2020 will take place online


After JandBeyond, the international Joomla conference, took a break in 2019, finally having a JAB on the horizon again in 2020 was an extremely enjoyable thought.

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Custom Fields - Episode 4: a step by step tutorial



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