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The JCM Team is proud to present you the June Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

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Shipping with Joomla 4 is the new and improved CLI (Command-Line Interface) that sits at the Joomla core. You can now carry out maintenance tasks without even logging into your website. Let's find out how.

Have you ever heard the story of the ancient city Troy? It had massive walls, keeping attackers outside and the city safe. However, the greek army, attacking the city, had a genius idea: they pretended to stop their attack and travel back home, while leaving a gift for the people of Troy: a huge wooden horse. The people of Troy were thankful for that gift and pulled the horse inside the city's walls - not knowing that greek soldiers have hidden themselves in the horse, crawling out at night, opening the doors for the rest of their army and thereby dooming the city.

Ever heard of unconference events? Joomla has at least two: JoomlaCamp in Germany and Joostock in The Netherlands. David Jardin is one of the organizers of JoomlaCamp, JCM’s Anja de Crom is in the Joostock Team. They love to share with us what unconferences are all about and how Joomla can benefit from them.

For this edition of “Meet a Joomler” we get to know Allon Moritz just a little bit better. Allon has been active in the Joomla Community for a long time already and his extensions are also well known. So, who is Allon?

Within the endless and powerful Joomlasphere, there is at least one team we all have an opinion about. Over the last few years, on countless occasions, I’ve seen social media postings stating that “marketing” should do this, that, or something else. Which was interesting, because for a large part of those few years, “marketing” didn’t really exist. But today the JCM proudly presents to you: the good people of the new and improved Joomla Marketing Team (and for everyone with an opinion about marketing: yes, you can join)!

Google has a major influence on search. About 78% of all searches on desktop and mobile are using Google. Bing has the second spot with 10.5% and Baidu the third place with 4.25%

Around 93% of all web traffic is via search, so if you want your articles read, then you need to get them into a search engine and in front of the relevant audience, but how? 

"Who uses Joomla?" has, for many years, been a regular topic of conversation among the Joomla! Community.

It has been the stuff of talks at World Conferences, working groups and come and gone while trying to answer that seemingly simple question. Who is this Joomla user? Where do they live? Do they use social media? How would they describe themselves? The good news is: we’re finally going to find out - that is, if you help us!

If you’re anything like me, you value the time and effort that Joomla’s community of component developers put into giving us excellent software to build our websites with. Much of which is free.

Have you ever wanted to make a web page, but don’t know where to start? Let alone how to write the HTML code necessary to make your website look great. A page builder might be a good place to start.

The system is an online gallery and map of street art in the Scottish city of Aberdeen. It was created at the start of 2022 and has been growing steadily since, at the start of May ‘22 it documents nearly 1000 pieces of street art in a wide variety of styles and mediums.

Whether it's a community group in your local area, or a global free and open source software project like Joomla, volunteers are an important resource for any organization. Joomla! In fact, it would not exist without over 750 volunteer contributors to the code base alone, along with hundreds of other volunteers over the past 17 years that have made Joomla what it is today.