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A new beginning for the Community Magazine

It has been a long time since the last issue of the Joomla Community Magazine, despite the huge work of the volunteers who worked to refactor the website and create a solid foundation for the Magazine. We are finally happy to announce that the Joomla Community Magazine is back!

The last year saw quite some activity in the area of automated tests for Joomla.

The CMS Maintenance Team is responsible for reviewing all patches submitted to the Joomla! CMS, merging patches into the code base, and ensuring that the high standards of Joomla are maintained at all times.

The CMS Release Team has continued to test all the Joomla releases.

The Joomla Core Translation Team continuously strives to provide an up-to-date translation of core Joomla into various languages.

The Joomla GSoC team participated in GSoC 2019 program for the 12th time and had a total of 4 projects out of which 3 projects were successful and being worked on still for Joomla 4.x versions.

The most activities on JDocs in 2019 was to prepare the release of J4 and J3.10 - both will be released at the same time. It comes with different problems, like different help pages for each main version.

The Joomla Security Strike Team, JSST, is working tirelessly to keep the Joomla CMS secure and protect the millions of sites around the globe that are based upon it.

The Production Department holds meetings every 2 weeks, in the meetings the team members report and try to solve problems and architectural questions. Direction changes and important software decisions get discussed and fixed with a motion.

Joomla Software Architecture and strategy team was started in early summer 2019 with the goal to advise Production Department on questions and work on a more long term software architecture and strategy.