Written by Helvecio da Silva
March brings great and exciting news for the Joomla Community! The ballots are closed and we have the new Board of Directors. Also, we got the news that Joomla! has been selected for Google Summer of Code 2017!
Mar 2017
Written by Jason Nickerson
JoomlaDay's are an excellent way to unite our community on a local level and this year's JoomlaDay Florida went far beyond Florida.  Joomlers from across the United States, South American, Canada, Europe, and Jamaica took part in the two-day Joomla…
Mar 2017
Written by Soren Beck Jensen
I have recently taken over as the team lead of the Capitals Committee, which is the part of the organisation in charge of handling our income from sponsorships and advertising. One of my first tasks is to get some stickers…
Mar 2017
Written by Jennifer Gress
February was a slower month in the JUG community around the world. Perhaps we’re all hibernating or just plain busy.
Feb 2017
Written by Alex Smirnov
В этом выпуске журнал "Joomla Community Magazine" беседует с Денисом Двали, русским разработчиком из Архангельска, основателем Joomduck.com и создателем расширений системы Joomla! "JomSocial Profile Pro", "Community Builder Profile Pro" и "Magic Window". Читайте в нашем интервью о том, как Денис,…
Mar 2017