The September Issue


The JCM Team is proud to present you the September Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

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The plans for Joomla 4.1


After the release of Joomla 4.0, I met online with Sigrid Gramlinger-Moser and Benjamin Trenkle to discuss the process and people behind the testing and production of Joomla 4.1, the next Joomla minor version.

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Explore the core! Structure your Content with Categories


Guess what’s the most important on your website? A beautiful template? Wrong! Nice colours and barrier-free? Wrong! Good SEO URLs? Wrong again!

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Joomla 4: Tweak Cassiopeia with a top banner and horizontal navigation


You don't have a logo and there is no text that fits instead of the logo on your website. Instead, you want to display a banner at the top of your Joomla website. Your menu should appear under this banner. The logo or the alternative text should not be visible at all. You would prefer your website to look exactly as you created it using Joomla 3 and Protostar. How can this be done with Cassiopeia?

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My favourite Joomla 4 feature - customizable dashboard

September-J4Dashboard Joe Sonne about his favourite Joomla 4 feature

Joomla 4 comes with a couple of pretty neat new features, and at the Joomla Community Magazine we love to hear what you do with them. In this issue, Joe Sonne tells us how he customizes the administrator dashboard for his backend users. This is relatively easy; all you need is curiosity, creativity and a good idea of what your users need. And if you know a bit of CSS and HTML, you can knock yourself out creating the best user experience ever for your users.

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Getting extensions ready for Joomla 4 - Sascha Dube (YOOTheme Pro)


With Joomla 4 stable already released, many people are thinking about migrating their sites or starting new sites directly on Joomla 4. But, the question that arises is if all the extensions or templates are already available. To answer that question, we have been talking to the developers for several months now to find out what their update plans are. On this occasion, we talked to Sascha Dube, from YooTheme Pro, one of the major page builders we can find on the market today.

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Getting extensions ready for Joomla 4 - Alex Andreae (SourceCoast)


Joomla 4 Stable is out, and of course, you want to migrate your site as soon as possible. But… wait… what about your extensions? If they’re not ready, they might cause your site to break (always make a backup, people). Of course we have Joomla 3.10 with the pre-update checker to establish if your extensions are ready, but the JCM goes a little further: we ask the developers. This issue we had a nice conversation with Alex Andreae from SourceCoast, the developers of the go-to tool for connecting your website to social networks: JFBConnect.

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Can you give some Time4Joomla?


Do you sometimes wonder who the people behind the scenes are putting Joomla together? Most of the time it's users like you who have decided to give a little bit of time - answering a form post, translating some language strings, writing some documentation or perhaps testing some patches. Here's how you can give some Time4Joomla.

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My journey with Joomla


I created my Joomla business in September 2013, and since that day, I have tried to take a few minutes now and then to reflect on the path I have travelled.

Taking stock is never useless because you have to understand and analyze what did not work, appreciate what worked, and improve it even more.

I really hope that my modest experience will help you in your choices and your business.

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Design becomes reality. J4 landing page, part 2


For those just joining the story so far here is the first instalment where I discover that there is such a thing called the Joomla 3 landing page, stumble across the designs for the new Joomla 4 landing page and realise there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

In this episode, we unpack the wonderful work that Chiara Aliotta put into the landing page before the Joomla World Conference in Rome. Get to find out what the webmasters' team do and experience the synergy that goes into making the page happen.

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DFA - Changing Africa with Joomla! & Google


My name is Justine Ayebale, Vice President – OSM (Year 2020-21). Being a Ugandan and proudly African, it was a pleasure for me to speak for Joomla! CMS at the first DFA event where Google is in partnership with the CMS for Africa organisation.

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A Security Overview of Joomla’s Checking and Validation of File Uploads


Content Management Systems are what you choose when you are not willing to build and to administrate a whole new front and backend for a website and if your content creators are not familiar with developing source code. While running your Joomla CMS there could come new demands in the matter of functionality or design from you or your users. The fast and easy way is to install a plugin that will do the magic. But that may lead to new vulnerabilities in your system. In particular, file uploads are a possible attack vector. In this article, we will talk about vulnerabilities through files and plugins.

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