The October Issue


The JCM Team is proud to present you the October Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

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New to Joomla 4.2, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)


With 4.2, we now have a new way to authenticate our sites. Two-factor Authentication has grown outdated with many new authentication methods arriving, so along comes Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

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Joomla 4.2 - Keyboard Shortcuts, User-defined columns, fuzzy word matching and more


Keyboard Shortcuts is a great new addition to Joomla 4.2.

The Shortcuts are a productivity feature many will find useful, plus a few hidden gems.

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I create the website for my business for free with Joomla - Part 1


Create a website for your business, it's vital nowadays. But often, we have neither the budget nor the skills. This tutorials serie will guide you until you succeed on your own!

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Meet a Joomler - Stefanie Thielmann


There are a lot of Joomlers who might not be know on a global scale but are active in more local activities. This somewhat goes for Stefanie who is now mostly active in the German speaking community, although she was also a member of an official Joomla team. Which one? Well, read this interview with Stefanie and you will find out!

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Explore the Core: Easily embed PDFs in your Joomla content


You probably know how to place images, maybe even videos in your Joomla articles. But did you know you can add PDFs that your visitors can read without having to open or download them first? It's super easy! And the good part: you don't even have to install an extension to do it. The functionality is built right into the Joomla 4 core. Here's how you do it.

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Production Team Goals - 2022/Q4


Last quarter the Production department published the teams goals for the next quarter.

The plans they wished to achieve, hoping to inspire them to succeed but also, by sharing, to encourage others outside of production to also get involved and come on board to make it all happen.

So take a look at what is planned for the next quarter and see if there is anything you can put your weight behind.

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The Joomla Force is strong in Central Europe


The German-speaking Joomla community has always been well-connected - now the connection has been strengthened.

On September 23 and 24, the joint JoomlaDay DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) took place in Bad Hersfeld (Germany) and the feedback was extremely positive.

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But I really do need Google Analytics 4, show me how to add it.


In my previous article: “As Googles Universal Analytics comes to a close, what alternatives if any do you need?” we explored Google Analytics' origin story. Took a look at whether Analytics is even right for all sites, and the impact just adding Analytics defacto can have.

And we touched on one of the alternatives out there.

Join me now in a deep dive into the setup of GA4

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Off to Cyprus, ehm, Cypress - How Joomla does its end-to-end testing


Once, there was a time when testers had to manually test everything in Joomla, clicking through all the views and features each and every time a change was made. It was exhausting, cumbersome and prone to errors.

Along came Selenium! A tool to automatically control browsers, defining long click paths through all of Joomla, repeatable, reliable, not exhausting and requiring less people-power. And the testers saw all the tests that they made, and it was very good.

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How to create a reading bar in your Joomla website


You may have noticed when you scroll down the pages in the magazine that there's a blue-coloured bar (just below the menu items at the top of the page) that moves.

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Do you logout from websites when you’re finished using them?


Before we talk about Joomla, ask yourself how often you logout of websites after you’ve finished with them?

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