How I came to work with Joomla - Mayank Sahu


Usually, the people who volunteer to answer our questions are heavily involved in either the Joomla community or the Joomla project, or sometimes both. Mayank Sahu has just joined the community, but he's no newcomer to Joomla. He has years of development experience behind him, particularly on Joomla, and he explains his choice of profession to us.
He's keen to get involved if time permits, so let's welcome him and listen to his story.

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Leadership interview: Crystal Dionysopoulos


At the moment of writing (mid April 2023), Crystal Dionysopoulos has survived her first few weeks as President of the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters (the organisation that powers Joomla). We at the JCM are very curious about our new president: what is she like, what will she bring and how can we all help her move Joomla forward?

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Leadership interview: Luca Marzo


If anyone knows from personal experience what it’s like to be on the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters (the organisation powering Joomla), it would be Luca Marzo. He recently started his seventh term as Secretary of the Board, elected by us, the people of Joomla. After six terms on the Board, is there still any fun left? And what makes a good Board? Read and find out!

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Meet a Joomler - Mark Fleeson


This months interviewee has only joined volunteering in the Joomla project three years ago. And he is quite active online too, answering questions from Joomlers for example. He is the Team Lead of the Joomla Extensions Directory team, come and meet Mark Fleeson!

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How I met Joomla - Cédric Keiflin


Over 15 years ago Cédric Keiflin crossed the road of Joomla, he learned the CMS, but that’s not all. He shared his knowledge via certain products and his writings, in the French-speaking and international community.

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Meet a Joomler - Tom van der Laan


Next in our Meet-a-Joomler - series we are going to meet Tom van der Laan. You might already have seen some of his work: he has made the latest release images as being in the Marketing team. But this isn’t where Tom started in our community. Enjoy his interview and find out what his first steps in the Joomniverse looked like!

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Meet a Joomler - Niels Braczek


I guess most contributors to the code of Joomla have heard of Niels. Personally, I (only) met him at a Joomla Conference in Spain and he striked me as a passionate man. I loved reading his answers on my questions, I hope you do too.

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Meet a Joomler - Andrew Barber


In this month's issue we have an interview with Andrew Barber. While perhaps not many people know of his volunteering work for Joomla, he really is helping the project a lot. Let's meet Andrew!

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Meet a Joomler - Stefanie Thielmann


There are a lot of Joomlers who might not be know on a global scale but are active in more local activities. This somewhat goes for Stefanie who is now mostly active in the German speaking community, although she was also a member of an official Joomla team. Which one? Well, read this interview with Stefanie and you will find out!

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Leadership Interview: Nadja Lamisch, Treasurer


Nadja Lamisch fell in love with Joomla 2.5 when she was looking for a CMS to build larger websites with. She joined a Joomla User Group, attended and co-organized JoomlaDays and felt very welcome in the community. When she was considering ways of doing more, she decided to run for Treasurer in the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters, Joomla’s supporting organization - and got elected. Read all about Nadja’s plans and ambitions! 

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