The July Issue


The JCM Team is proud to present you the July Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine!

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New to the Joomla Community? Join a session to get settled in!


Starting a new initiative is always an adventure: will people turn up? Will it be a success? Sigrid Gramlinger, Joomla's Production Department Coordinator, started the New to Joomla sessions a couple of months ago, to welcome new people and help them find their way in the Joomla Community. How is this going, and how can you join? Read all about it!

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Joomla 6, what's in it for you?


14th October 2025 feels like a lifetime away at the moment, but it's all the time we have left to get Joomla 6 planned, built and released.
I'm in my 50s - just - and the planets have aligned to have a little joke. Gary Barclay and I will be releasing the first Alpha on Joomla 6 on Tuesday the 15th of April 2025… Not my planning, but it happens to be Joomla London User Group that night as it's the third Tuesday of the month, and my 60th Birthday! 

So yes: dates do have some meaning, some very personal.

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Migrating from JoomGallery to Phoca


The process of migrating a Joomla website can sometimes present non-trivial challenges for users. If your site is built using standard components, the migration process is typically straightforward and even sometimes a child's play.

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Making Your Joomla Event Welcoming for All


There's a famous story about Harald MacMillan, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1957 to 1963. When asked by a journalist, "What do you fear the most in politics or what could most easily derail your government's agenda?" He supposedly replied:

"Events, dear boy, events."

Indeed, events can be fraught with unseen dangers when planning. Let's explore the key considerations to make your Joomla event truly welcoming for all.

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Create a banner from Joomla's category description


A gorgeous banner for your category blog, easy to adjust and maintain by the content manager of the site - surely you must need an extension for that? Nope. Not in Joomla. You don’t even have to be Super Coder to achieve this! Read all about the power of custom fields to style your categories.

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Core URL Shortener: Simplify Your URLs with Apache


Are you looking for a straightforward way to shorten URLs on your website? If you’re running an Apache server, you’re in luck – you already have everything you need. Shortening URLs not only makes them easier to remember and share, but it also provides a cleaner, more professional look. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to set up a simple URL shortener using Apache’s `.htaccess` file.

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Tools to build a Component - Episode 1: Introduction and Core Solution


You probably know Joomla is THE tool for creating websites, because it's really complete straigth out of the box. If you need a little more, you could use one of the thousands of extensions available in the Joomla Extensions Directory... or create your own. In this series, Herman Peeren takes us through the options.

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Tassos Marinos, the man behind Tassos Extensions

Tassos Marinos

Tassos is a Greek first name which, thanks to the hard work of a Joomla user, has become a well-known brand of extensions in the community.
Tassos Marinos now leads a company which provides a number of useful extensions ( some say essential ) in free or pro versions, and always with the same desire to be useful to Joomla users.
Let's take a look at the origins of this project, and find out who the man behind the developer is.

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How to solve the Joomla Error 500 - Sorry, there was a problem we could not recover from.


Sorry, there was a problem we could not recover from.

The server returned a "500 - Whoops, looks like something went wrong."

Gee, thanks, Joomla. I can see that. My site isn't working. Want to give me any further information so I can fix the darned thing?

It's all just dreadfully unhelpful. Not only that, but it's a big ugly red screen. It's not even styled like my site any more. What have I done? Have I lost everything? Is all my work gone? Have I been hacked? Perhaps I shouldn't have pressed that button?

And I haven't got a clue how to solve it or what is wrong.

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