Docusaurus to the rescue for developers


In a hotel conference room in Darmstadt, Germany, a small team of Joomla enthusiasts got to grips with Docusaurus, taming the beast to the advantage of the Joomla developer community. This neat package of software is probably the most important change in Joomla documentation for a long time, and with the added bonus of slaying the dreaded MediaWiki captcha once and for all!

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Meet a Joomler - Julian White


If you have visited the online Joomla User Group London in the last year you perhaps might have heard and seen our next interviewee in action, Juian White. Julian is an expert in the accessibility area and how he became such will become clear in this interview.

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Who’s snooping around your website?


What makes a website a target of attack?  Is your website a potential target?  Do you know if your website is being targeted?

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Confidence in Joomla! as a platform for building websites


It must be stated at the outset that Joomla! is a wonderful platform for building websites.  I also believe that J! 4.x is a good foundation for building websites and if you want to build a new website using Joomla! I would recommend that you use the latest version of J! 4.x.

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The July Issue


The JCM Team is proud to present you the July Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

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Joomla Production Teams goals for the next quarter


Have you ever wondered what goes on in departments? Or heard people within the community talk about ivory towers, them and us, hidden agendas and wondered if any of that was true? The reality is much more boring than a conspiracy theory. When volunteering, giving your time to write code, the part everyone hates is writing the documentation, and writing a forward plan (roadmap but less solid, aspirational) comes at the very bottom of the priority list!

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Meet the Team: Joomla Security Strike Team


One of the teams that people don’t hear a lot about, except in release notes, is the Joomla Security Strike Team. Or sometimes called JSST in short. And it is time we share a little bit of insight into what kind of issues this team actually works on. And who is in this team anyway?

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Do you need another front end extension? Let's find out.


Starting a new project with Joomla can sometimes be a little bit like writing a new article. I find myself staring at the blank page, overwhelmed by all the possibilities and different ways to acheive the same goals.

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Joomla Improved Override Management


Maybe you've heard people talk about overrides. Or maybe you've seen the mysterious notification "Overrides to check" in your Joomla 4 backend. What are these overrides you hear so much about? Astrid Günther explains.

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Meet a Joomler - Cliff Ford


Another Joomler that has been volunteering for a long time now but most people haven’t heard about is Cliff. The biggest chance to meet him is either on our forums or in the Joomla Documentation. Let’s meet this, for most people, unknown Joomler and get to know him a bit.

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Accessibility, Joomla and Cookie Notices


So you want to follow the rules and you installed a cookie notice for your website. Maybe it’s a modest one, maybe it’s one of those extended walls presenting your user with tons of boxes to tick. Whatever type you use: if you want to have a fully accessible website, guess where your cookie notice should be? Hint: probably not where you’d expect it. Julian White explains.

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How to translate JCM articles in your own language


Here at Joomla Community Magazine Headquarters we love it when someone comes up to us saying they wish to translate our articles in their own language. Maybe you’ve thought of this as well, but don’t know how and where to start. This article gets you going with three tips that might come in handy.

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Do we have the Authority to make Joomla grow?


Dear reader, I am going to make a prediction: I feel I know you. I can tell that you are someone who is interested in Joomla, that you are familiar with the Joomla magazine and many of the people involved in this CMS. Am I right?

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Tribute to Peter Russell


On June 24, 2022, Peter Russell passed away. He has been a co-founder of Joomla and he left memories in many members of the Community. In this article, Alison and Jennifer wanted to share some comments on Peter.

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JoomlaDay FR 2022 - the replay


At the end of May we had a wonderful JoomlaDay FR in Brussels/Belgium.

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Creating a Joomla User Group (JUG)


So you’re interested in founding a Joomla User Group (JUG)? You have options, and the JUG Team wants to help. We are here to foster the creation of new JUGs, and support existing JUGs.

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The June Issue


The JCM Team is proud to present you the June Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

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Joomla 4: A Powerful CLI Application


Shipping with Joomla 4 is the new and improved CLI (Command-Line Interface) that sits at the Joomla core. You can now carry out maintenance tasks without even logging into your website. Let's find out how.

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Joomla TUF sprint june 2022 - Keeping the trojan horse outside of Joomla’s walls


Have you ever heard the story of the ancient city Troy? It had massive walls, keeping attackers outside and the city safe. However, the greek army, attacking the city, had a genius idea: they pretended to stop their attack and travel back home, while leaving a gift for the people of Troy: a huge wooden horse. The people of Troy were thankful for that gift and pulled the horse inside the city's walls - not knowing that greek soldiers have hidden themselves in the horse, crawling out at night, opening the doors for the rest of their army and thereby dooming the city.

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Fun, inclusive and informal: Joomla unconferences


Ever heard of unconference events? Joomla has at least two: JoomlaCamp in Germany and Joostock in The Netherlands. David Jardin is one of the organizers of JoomlaCamp, JCM’s Anja de Crom is in the Joostock Team. They love to share with us what unconferences are all about and how Joomla can benefit from them.

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