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JoomlaDay FR 2022 - the replay


At the end of May we had a wonderful JoomlaDay FR in Brussels/Belgium.

This was the 16th French-speaking JoomlaDay, the first in-person Joomla event in the world after the pandemic... and funny fact: for the first time it took place out of France.

Not only was it nice to discover a new venue/city but it was also an opportunity to try and make it a bit more international.
And indeed eventually we had the pleasure to have speakers from

  • Belgium
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland

Meeting again tens of Joomlers in real life was a delight but we also wanted to record the sessions if possible so that people who could not attend would also enjoy it afterwards. Moreover the whole program was of course Joomla 4 centric, meaning totally new material for all after about 10 years speaking about Joomla 3 😊

Personally I had absolutely no experience with streaming and/or recording conferences. So I take this opportunity to thanks to Yannick Gaultier who made this possible.

We had limited human and technical resources to do it. Actually, if like us you want to keep it simple, here is all what you need (total cost being less than € 50 for a set!):

  • a splitter (so that the speaker sends his screen both to the local projector and to a second computer taking care of the recording/streaming)
  • a video capture dongle (so that the HDMI cable coming from the splitter can be used as a Source on the recording/streaming computer, like if it were a webcam)
  • and of course a couple of HDMI cables

Obviously you also need a software like OBS Studio (open source, available for Linux / Windows / Mac).

So better than Netflix / Prime / whatever, here is *the* series of the Summer: the total replay of our JoomlaDay ❤️💚🧡💙

Every friday we release 2 new sessions:


Out of the 22 sessions 8 were given in English (tip: if you don't speak French, simply enable closed caption and use automatic translation 😉).

On the same site, you can also find most presentations of the last 15 years, in particular the last 2 virtual JoomlaDays:


Salle PlanetHoster Salle Infomaniak L'équipe captation Une partie des participants
 The auditorium  The classroom  The recording team  Some of the participants
Tribute to Peter Russell
Creating a Joomla User Group (JUG)


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