Style your Joomla website: The mindful movement


In the last article of this series we created a website for a fitness center called “Be fit” and added some colors to the menu and a few page elements. In this article we will stay by “Be fit” and add some movement.

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How the accessibility team works


The Internet is an integral part of our lives. Whether we want to search for information, exchange ideas, do our banking or book a train ticket. It's all possible on the web. Unfortunately, people with disabilities still fail far too often due to barriers that make it impossible for them to use such offers.

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Meet the Joomla Accessibility Team


In the series Meet the team, this month we have an interview with the Joomla Accessibility Team. Accessibility is one of the highlighted features of Joomla 4, and the team is still working on updating and improving Joomla and its properties in the accessibility area.

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Meet a Joomler - Julian White


If you have visited the online Joomla User Group London in the last year you perhaps might have heard and seen our next interviewee in action, Juian White. Julian is an expert in the accessibility area and how he became such will become clear in this interview.

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Accessibility, Joomla and Cookie Notices


So you want to follow the rules and you installed a cookie notice for your website. Maybe it’s a modest one, maybe it’s one of those extended walls presenting your user with tons of boxes to tick. Whatever type you use: if you want to have a fully accessible website, guess where your cookie notice should be? Hint: probably not where you’d expect it. Julian White explains.

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An Introduction To Website Accessibility


We all know, or at least have heard or read somewhere, that websites need to be accessible for everyone. But what does that mean, and what can you do to make your website fully accessible? Julian White, who experiences accessibility issues on a daily basis, explains the basics for the Joomla Community Magazine

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Explore the Core - Accessibility Add-ons in Joomla 4.1


Everyone has his own preferences and needs - and Joomla takes care of them all.

In addition to all the measures taken in the core for providing an accessible authoring tool there are add-ons in Joomla that can make your life easier and make your users and customers feel more comfortable. 

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A Web Without Barriers


Over the last four years I'be been on a journey to learn more about accessibility and to share that knowledge and experience. I've been fortunate to have had some amazing mentors who have given their time (in exchange for the occasional beer and curry) to nudge me in the right direction and answer my queries. When we help each other and work together we can achieve so much more than when we stay marooned on our own islands.

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Mind the contrast: Check your colors and make a difference

November-Contrast Colour contrast matters

When designing a website one technique for people with lousy design abilities (as myself) is to use Color Wheel to choose the best matching ones that fit your design.

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An image is worth a thousand words

An image is worth a thousand words Web Accessibility

How many times have we heard this phrase but is it really true? Most content creators will spend a long time selecting the perfect photo to illustrate their article. The key word is illustrate. The image should be used to enhance the content. Perhaps to set the mood of the article or to illustrate an example in the text such as a product shot.

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