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Fancier, more stylish, super hip, or just different: sometimes you just want your website to look a little less standard. In this new series, we show you how to do that with simple adjustments, step by step.

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Joomla Improved Override Management


Maybe you've heard people talk about overrides. Or maybe you've seen the mysterious notification "Overrides to check" in your Joomla 4 backend. What are these overrides you hear so much about? Astrid Günther explains.

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Customizing Joomla 4's Smart Search Results Pages with Images, Custom Fields and a new Layout


In this article, Marc Dechèvre shows us how to customize the Results Page of Smart Search, using images, custom fields and a new layout.

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Join the Joomla Override Challenge!

Join the Joomla Override Challenge!

A different view for a core Joomla module. An event calendar based on the category blog view. A photo gallery, also based on a category blog. A directory. A product listing. These are just a few examples of the great things you can achieve by overriding Joomla’s core.

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