Meet the Joomla Framework Working Group


In this interview the team, or better said in this case the group, gave a proper introduction. For me there is nothing left to do than to introduce the Framework Working Group!

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What did 2022 bring for Joomla?


What did 2022 bring for Joomla? 

More awards than ever before followed by growth after many years of decline. 

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Meet the Team: Automated Testing Team


When you see the name Automated Testing Team (ATT) you might have an idea what the scope of this team is. But what is “automated testing” exactly? And what solutions are they using? In this interview we come and meet the team team members and how this team works.

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Meet the Joomla Forum Team


The Joomla CMS version 1.0 was released on 17 August 2005 but did you know the forum was live a week prior to that? As I (Hans) wasn't around at that time I can't tell how it was used in that week before the first release, but since then many, many, many questions have been posted on the forum. And there is a team on the forum maintaining it and taking care the rules are followed and actions sometimes are taken. In this interview we will meet the Global Forum Team members.

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Meet the Team: Joomla Experience Team


While our beloved Joomla CMS is of high quality there are always things to improve. This can be because of changes in how the internet looks at things or just that something works better another way. The Joomla Experience Team is working on this. But I will let them explain it much better than I can in the following team interview.

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How the accessibility team works


The Internet is an integral part of our lives. Whether we want to search for information, exchange ideas, do our banking or book a train ticket. It's all possible on the web. Unfortunately, people with disabilities still fail far too often due to barriers that make it impossible for them to use such offers.

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Meet the Joomla Enhancement Development Team


If you are a long term Joomla user, you’ve probably noticed new features from time to time. Where do some of these features come from? Who develops them? Well, this is what the Joomla Enhancement Development Team is for! Team members often evolve from Google Summer of Code student to… read further and you will find out :) 

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Introducing the Joomla Experience Team (JXT)


The Joomla Experience Team is a new working group (and hopefully soon, an official Production team) intended to replace the former JUX team, which has sadly been inactive since 2017.

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Meet the Joomla Accessibility Team


In the series Meet the team, this month we have an interview with the Joomla Accessibility Team. Accessibility is one of the highlighted features of Joomla 4, and the team is still working on updating and improving Joomla and its properties in the accessibility area.

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Meet the Team: Joomla Security Strike Team


One of the teams that people don’t hear a lot about, except in release notes, is the Joomla Security Strike Team. Or sometimes called JSST in short. And it is time we share a little bit of insight into what kind of issues this team actually works on. And who is in this team anyway?

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