Hey, my name is John Rampton and I've been part of the Joomla Community for 10+ years. I love writing and been writing for Joomla Magazine for 6 years. I'm the founder of Calendar & Due.

A practicing Joomla! trainer, Author, Lecturer and Youth Entrepreneurship advocate in Africa especially in Nigeria. Abdulkadir has been teaching Joomla! since 2009. He loves sharing Joomla knowledge with people particularly the Youths, and Students. Abdulkaidr is currently promoting the use of Joomla! in Nigeria and anywhere he find himself around the world.

Llewellyn has been using Joomla since 2008. He founded Vast Development Method and have developed countless Joomla extensions over the years. His greatest contrubution to Joomla has been via a project called Joomla Component Builder (JCB) that allows for rapid development of Joomla components for experienced developers.

A middle-aged dad and dog owner, Robert is an editor and writer at Tall And True, and blogs on his eponymous website, RobertFairhead.com.

His favourite pastimes include reading and writing, walking his dog, and watching Aussie Rules Football with his son. He is also a part-time dog trainer and runs classes at his local dog training club and through Robert's Responsible Dog Training.

Robert has worked as an electrician, a computer programmer, and a sales and marketing consultant, and he is the principal copywriter at Rocher Communications.

His book reviews and writing on dogs have appeared in newspapers and online. And in 2020, he published a collection of short stories, Both Sides of the Story.

Robert has also enjoyed a one-night stand as a stand-up comic.

Web developer, professional in the world of CMS and expert in Joomla! which has been used since 2008.

Luis Orozco (@luisorozoli) was born and raised in Arjona, Jaén, Spain. He is an enthusiastic and passionate web developer, professional in the CMS world and expert in Joomla! which has been used since 2008.

Involved with everything related to the Joomla! Community, forums, groups, etc. He has been a speaker at several Joomla Day Spain talking about extensions created by himself and has also attended the latest major international events about Joomla! (Jandbeyond).

He studied and worked in Jaén for almost two years in a company as an analyst, designer and web developer. Then he made his great professional leap, arriving in London, he was working like Lead Web Developer, in the development and improvement tools, developed and integrated with the Joomla! Engine, creating websites for airlines and hotels around the world.

He has created some extensions for Joomla!, among which the phpMyJoomla (phpmyjoomla.com) component stands out, to make easier the management and export of the database from the backend.

With the problem of the world pandemic (Codvid-19), Luis has created a solution (vercarta.com) for the administration of digital cards for hospitality businesses (hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, etc.)

He loves being a self-taught person and learning new things every day. He is very active and loves to get involved in his projects and work with people who are equally involved.

A phrase defines it: "Simplicity is the best way", "Simplicity is the best way".

Southern California Based Open Source Advocate, Joomla! user since 2008, helped relaunch the Joomla! Community Magazine in 2010. Editor Team Member and Proofreader of the Joomla Community Magazine.

I am interested in #TheFutureOfWork, #ArtificialIntelligence, and many other technical ideas. An sctive supporter of #Community based efforts.

I like to create content, but also curate content also. One day I will create an extension for Joomla, just haven't decided what one it will be yet!