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Soren is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Jensen Technologies and Component Creator. He is an active volunteer and contributor to the Joomla project and has served on the board of directors.

Donato volunteers for Joomla since 2010. He started in the Italian Community, founder of Joomla! Lombardia in 2011 and participate to the global one in 2016. He served in the JAT Joomla! accessibility team.

Donato serves as Author for the Joomla Community Magazine since June 2020.

I have been a software developer for more than 40 years and became a Joomla! extension developer by sheer coincidence: I was using a very fine extension called SQL2Excel, when the developer of that extension suddenly disappeared. As Joomla 2.5 was around the corner, somebody had to jump in and migrate that extension for the new Joomla! - so jDBexport was born. Since then, I developed several other Joomla! extensions, mainly because we needed them ourselves, like payment plugins for various webshop systems. We don’t develop just for Joomla; we also create solutions for lots of different environments.

I run my own IT company (Schultz IT Solutions), in Vienna, Austria

Posts by this author

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