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A tag line that sticks

A tag line that sticks

I have recently taken over as the team lead of the Capitals Committee, which is the part of the organisation in charge of handling our income from sponsorships and advertising. One of my first tasks is to get some stickers designed for use at tradeshows. The thing about stickers is that they are small and are not very good promotional material unless people actually stick them on something (ideally their laptop, car, office wall, bags or similar visible area).

It seems to me that the people who might consider sticking these onto something will most likely be the same people who are contributing and volunteering to the community. But I have already seen stickers with the Joomla logo on at various events and several volunteers (including myself) have already adorned our laptops with a Joomla logo sticker.

So we need a different Joomla sticker. Maybe we have to give up on getting it stuck onto important places, but people will still take the sticker and look at it, possibly giving it to a younger family member who might stick it somewhere. This means that the sticker should have a short tag line or similar describing what Joomla is.

A tag line

I have been volunteering in the Joomla Marketing Team for quite some time and one of the things we always struggle with is “how do we position Joomla, from a marketing perspective”.

We all know and love Joomla and think that it is a fantastic piece of software with high quality extensions allowing us to rapidly build web sites. We know that it is used by people all over the world in a multitude of languages. We know it scales and that it is mobile ready. We know, somehow that it is great. But how do we tell other people this?

When we compare ourselves to other CMS’s we might be able to say stuff like:

  • Wordpress is the most popular CMS

  • Drupal is the most developer focused CMS

So what about Joomla? What are we “the most” or “the best” at?

This is where we normally get stuck. We know that Joomla is great and very capable. We all love working with it, and prefer it over any other system we have worked with. But how do you convey that in a small sentence (possibly on a sticker)?


We have great features, we have multilingual, we can list some technical benefits that none of the other CMS’s can claim. But they are mostly fringe features that very few users benefit from or they are not truly unique.

What really sets Joomla apart from the rest is the community.

You might say “Both the other open source CMS’s also have a community” but the truth is that they are not “community driven”.

Wordpress development is largely driven by Automattic and Drupal’s development is largely driven by Acquia. What makes Joomla unique is that there is no wealthy company directing us or pushing us in a direction. Granted the wealth would be great but the fact that we are mostly free from corporate interests is a huge plus for many.

So… does this mean we are the “most popular community driven CMS”? I believe so. But many will say that “most popular” is not really a qualification at all (just look at Wordpress).

The art of coming up with a tag line is not easy. I will leave you with a suggestion (based on the above) and kindly ask you to submit your own ideas in the comment section. But hurry up. I have some stickers to design.

  • Joomla - Flexible, community driven, open source CMS 
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