I have been a software developer for more than 40 years and became a Joomla! extension developer by sheer coincidence: I was using a very fine extension called SQL2Excel, when the developer of that extension suddenly disappeared. As Joomla 2.5 was around the corner, somebody had to jump in and migrate that extension for the new Joomla! - so jDBexport was born. Since then, I developed several other Joomla! extensions, mainly because we needed them ourselves, like payment plugins for various webshop systems. We don’t develop just for Joomla; we also create solutions for lots of different environments.

I run my own IT company (Schultz IT Solutions), in Vienna, Austria

How to J4-ify your old Joomla 3 template


Joomla is a beautifully matured CMS, and long term Joomlers might knowingly nod, when I say it was a bumpy ride at times. Have a look at this article 'Celebrating Joomla 4' to get an idea of the new features of Joomla 4.

If you are (relatively) new to Joomla, chances are your website uses a template compatible with Joomla 4 (or at least your template developer provides a fully J4 compatible version of the template). Then you are lucky and this article is of no concern for you. But what if your website has been running for years now, and you are considering a migration from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4?

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