Shannon Good

Shannon Good

Hello there! I'm Shannon, an Inbound Marketing Consultant at Savvy Panda and jInbound, and Instructor at Master Inbound. I enjoy driving growth for businesses through customized Inbound solutions, and learning new things each day about the evolving online marketing ecosystem.

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Adding an Instagram feed to a Joomla site is easier than you probably think, and has the potential to really amplify a site's appeal. Here's why feeds can be a great addition, and step-by-step instructions for adding one.
Most websites have a newsletter option, which allows the owner of that site to collect emails from visitors and stay in contact down the road. For a lot of us, this is an "everyone else does, so I do too" practice. But if we're collecting emails with no clear goal, we're going to end up with a list of contacts and a big question. What now?
Working in digital marketing, I spend about 98% of my day online. Most of the time I'm managing social interactions, furthering my own education, and writing content. But sometimes, I like to stop and smell the online flowers. Despite having little background in web design, these experiences have led me to pick up on a few things that do and don't work on websites.
Saturday, 01 June 2013 00:00

How to Create a Socially Friendly Website

Social media is no longer just an option for companies looking to penetrate a tech savvy or youthful audience, it has become an irreplaceable tool utilized to market brands and ideas of every size, industry, and purpose. With this cultural shift towards accepting social media as an integral part of everyday life, and oftentimes everyday marketing, businesses are sometimes left wondering how to build a necessary bridge between their brand, website, and social presence. The process of creating what I'll refer to as a "socially friendly" website should not be considered a possibility to be explored, but instead must be understood as essential to a site's success in modern day marketing practices. In this article, I'd like to share a few tips which will lead every site you create (whether it's for your own business or a client) toward being socially engaging and positioned for success.