Hilary Cheyne

Hilary Cheyne

Member of the Joomla! Community with a preference for the technical stuff. Co-founder of OpenTranslators - an umbrella organisation for thousands of Joomla! volunteers who translate Joomla! extensions enabling Joomla! to be used in over 90 different languages.

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Friday, 01 July 2011 00:00

Website Case Study: Shark Zone

If you were a qualified PADI Dive Master, a Scuba Diver and lived in Cape Town, South Africa, it could be a dream project to develop a website about Great White Shark tourism. But Dwight Barnard faced an almost greater challenge than sharks in one of the toughest and most popular market sectors around.
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 00:00

Turning the Table on Brian Teeman

A Founder Member of Joomla! with an often quoted blog tag-line of 'agree or disagree - I don't care' we turn the table on Brian Teeman with a 5 minute interview, a format he successfully uses on his own award winning blog. From achieved childhood hopes he has become a 'Man of Joomla!', a counsellor, advisor and an advocate with a passion for fairness and our Joomla! Community.