Ole Bang Ottosen

Ole Bang Ottosen

Joomla! Volunteer by Heart

Webconsultant, joomla trainer, joomla mentor, support specialist. Language geek. OpenTranslators co-founder.

Forum moderator, bughunter, ex translation coordinator, ex JED Editor, ex core team member, ex PLT member, ex CLT member, ex COC member, translator, doc writer, huge supporter of #jpositiv :)



Website URL: https://joomla.dk

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A story about how my car was invaded and attacked by a mouse. Usually, you don´t associate a mouse, the animal, with a car. They don´t mix and have nothing in common. At autumn this may change. The mouse may see your car environment as a perfect shelter for the incoming cold winds and wet weather. No less do you associate a mouse, the animal, with website security? Perhaps this will change at the end of this story.
Friday, 05 August 2016 17:16

A Palette of Awesome Stock Resources

An image says more than thousand words, they say. Whenever you write an article or a blog item you have felt the desire to have that perfect image to follow your words. Where do you find them, is it ok to use this one? All of us get  this distraction from the actual writing the words, of how to find images to go with them. This article will introduce you to a unique collection of "Awesome Stock Resources". Forget those 10, 20, 50 best free stock resource blog posts. Here you will get the one stop entry for your search of free visuals and sounds.