Dom Cassone

Dom Cassone

As President of Zacaw Enterprises, Inc., Dom Cassone has helped small businesses grow and succeed for over 20 years, creating a unique synergy by combining marketing, coaching, and consulting creativity with technology experience.

At Zacaw, we specialized using the Joomla! platform for 7+years, creating web and marketing solutions for our clients. In fact, we so totally believe in Joomla! and membership sites, that we created JoomFuse (also in the JED), a specialized Joomla! extension integrating Joomla! with the Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation platform for small business, expanding the functionality of the Joomla! membership website.

As Infusionsoft Certified Partners (10+ years), we love that Infusionsoft with JoomFuse takes the Joomla! membership site to a whole new level for entrepreneurs.

Dom loves to hear from people who get excited by Joomla! membership sites and marketing automation. Get his Insights E-newsletter at Send questions or comments to Dom at

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What do your members want? It is important to deliver what your members want, NOT what they need. Hang in there with me and I’ll explain.
Integrate Your Site To Your CRM! Managing a membership site can seem like a herculean task, but when you combine it with one of your other tools it can become a breeze.
Monday, 01 February 2016 00:00

Using Membership Sites Internally

Helping to make more satisfied, more productive employees There are infinite ways to use a membership site. In previous articles, we talked about ways to externally use membership sites to make your business better. Have you thought about using one internally to improve your employees experience and productivity?
Yes, your membership site can make you more of the expert! All things being equal, people buy from who they know, like and trust. Use your membership site to increase your authority and therefore your level of perceived trust.
Four mistakes impacting your bottom line: Parts 1 & 2 of this mini-series related to the site itself and the content contained within. Now let’s look at 4 mistakes that sabotage monetizing your site…
A quick review: The first four critical mistakes we discussed last month are: 1 - Not enough value. 2 - Complicated user interface. 3 - Poor user experience. 4 - Bad customer service. Now on to the next 3 which are related to your content…
4 mistakes relating to customer experience: ok, if you have been following along with this article series, you now know (a) why you need a membership site, (b) several different ways to set them up, and (c) some real-world case studies on how other people are using their membership site. Hopefully, you have taken my suggestions and have created (or are creating) a membership site for your ‘herd’ of followers. If you have, I’d love to hear about your experiences. In this fourth article in our membership series, we’ll dig deeper and begin discussing common critical mistakes to avoid.  
In my first article we discussed why everyone needs a membership site, then we went on in the second to discuss different types and ways to use membership sites. I hope you got good value from those and are ready for some ‘show and tell’! In this installment, we’ll go behind the curtains of how some clients are using their membership sites everyday.
Saturday, 01 August 2015 00:00

My Membership Site is Up, Now What Do I Do?

In my last article in JCM, I worked really hard to convince you that regardless of what business you are in, or even for non-business sites, you need to have a membership component to your site. Assuming that I did a reasonable job, you either have one in the works or are at least planning one. Now you want to know the most effective way to use membership in your own website, right? Answering this question is exactly the focus of this article. There are many combination of ways to help your business by incorporating membership into your site. Here are 5 perspectives to spark your creativity and help you focus your plan…
Wednesday, 01 July 2015 00:00

Everyone Needs a Membership Site. Why?

There are the obvious reasons why web sites need a membership component - to collect money and to create a community. Ah, but it goes much deeper than that.