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Production Team Goals - 2022/Q4


Last quarter the Production department published the teams goals for the next quarter.

The plans they wished to achieve, hoping to inspire them to succeed but also, by sharing, to encourage others outside of production to also get involved and come on board to make it all happen.

So take a look at what is planned for the next quarter and see if there is anything you can put your weight behind.

Automated Testing Team

Goals completed

  • Switch End-to-end tests from Selenium/Codeception to Cypress
  • Introduce Renovatebot to all repositories

Upcoming goals

  • Extend End-to-end tests to cover com_content, com_finder and com_menus in both frontend and backend
  • Implement a bot to automatically fix code style issues in PRs
  • Implement a bot to spin up test environments for each CMS PR

Bug Squad

Upcoming goals

  • Reduce total issues by 3% from start of quarter (760 issues at start)

CMS Maintenance Team

Upcoming goals

  • Further reducing open PR/Issues. Having a successful Code Sprint in October.

CMS Release Team

Upcoming goals

  • All Releases are released on dates as planned
  • The team has at least six people for testing in the team
  • Languages: Automate the package creation process for new language packages
  • Finalize the Post release process (in progress)
  • Implement local automated tests in coordination with ATT (in progress)

Documentation Team

Goals completed

  • Setup manual.joomla.org + initial Sprint

Upcoming goals

  • Set up a workflow for new functions from developers to JDocs

Joomla Accessibility Team

Goals completed

  • Change Caption texts, remove “Table” (Suggested by Stefan Waida) (PR Opened: https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/pull/38761)
  • Start a documentation. (https://manual.joomla.org/docs/accessibility/)
  • A11y docs: Write or search code snippets for best practice sites (start work)
  • Mentor GSoC Accessibility Plugin Project, perform tests
  • Publish Accessibility articles for selected problems links
  • Support the landing page for Joomla 4.2
  • Add a a11y-issue form to the joomla landing page (it is a link to the accessibility team)

Upcoming goals

  • Release the result of GSoC Project Accessibility Plugin.
  • Prepare Joomla for WCAG 2.2
  • Prepare GAAD Pledge
  • Change the default menu of Joomla! to Metis Menu
  • Accessibility Settings Module: Fix or remove, as it is not usable and apparently not used.
  • Sprint for open PRs and issues
  • Continue A11y Docs
  • Support JED in Design of an accessible site (start depends on JED working group)
  • Check existing docs in Joomla accessibility

Joomla! Enhancement Development Team

Upcoming goals

  • Wrapping up the preparation for Google Summer of Docs or any other documentation program.
  • Understanding the needs of Release Leads to onboard the projects for the Program Like GSoC / SoC.

Security Strike Team

Upcoming goals

  • FInalizing of TUF for Joomla! 4.3

Software Architecture & Strategy Team

Upcoming goals

  • Further continue to think outside the box so we can formulate recommendations and possible actions from the insights gained.
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