Joomla is Yours: create user avatars in the Backend Template Atum


Not only the sites you produce with Joomla – but also the Backend where you and your customers develop and maintain the site can and should be yours. With a few hacks, you can make it even more yours.

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Playing with the Joomla Web Services (API) - part 1


The Joomla API is a very interesting topic because it is so powerful.

But there is much to tell so I propose to start a new series of articles.

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Customizing Joomla 4's Smart Search Results Pages with Images, Custom Fields and a new Layout


In this article, Marc Dechèvre shows us how to customize the Results Page of Smart Search, using images, custom fields and a new layout.

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Custom Fields - Episode 7 Part 2: without limits


Spoiler alert: there is a challenge for you at the end of this article and if I get enough answers there will be an ultimate article about Custom Fields in the Magazine.

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Custom Fields - Episode 7 Part 1: one Custom Field to rule them all


As you probably have noticed, the title of this Episode takes inspiration from 2 famous films / books: 

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Custom Fields - Episode 6: Make more with extensions

July-CustomFields Extensions to extend Custom Fields

After 5 Episodes in the Joomla Community Magazine about Custom Fields in Joomla core, obviously you know how powerful they are. But as a human being, you always dream of more...

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Custom Fields - Episode 5 - List of Resources


After a series of 4 episodes published in the previous editions of the Joomla Community Magazine, hopefuly you already know a lot about Custom Fields.

But learning is a continuous process and it is always nice to learn from each other. This is exactly what I like about the Joomla Community: the fact that many people share their knowledge and enthousiasm.

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