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Custom Fields - Episode 5 - List of Resources


After a series of 4 episodes published in the previous editions of the Joomla Community Magazine, hopefuly you already know a lot about Custom Fields.

But learning is a continuous process and it is always nice to learn from each other. This is exactly what I like about the Joomla Community: the fact that many people share their knowledge and enthousiasm.


So it is now time to share with you the list of resources that we have gathered over time (my apologies if I have missed some. If so, just drop me a line and I will be happy to update the list).

For example, did you know that Custom Fields were on the agenda of more than 20 JoomlaDays / conferences around the world ?

Click on the links below and you will know everything !

General resources

First things first : the official website of Joomla Documentation 

Joomla Extension Directory

  • beginning 2018, a new Category called "Custom Fields" has been added to the JED (Joomla Extensions Directory), which is an excellent thing
    (but note that not all authors have moved their extension to that Category, especially if the main purpose of the extension fits better in another Category)

General articles

Specific tutorials

Custom Fields at JoomlaDays / conferences / online events

Joomla NXT (by TechJoomla) - Customizing Joomla 4's Smart Search Results Pages with Images, Custom Fields and a new Layout by Marc Dechèvre (16/02/2022 - EN)

See how you can add even Custom Fields to your Smart Search Result Pages

Joomla User Group New Jersey (17/02/2022 - EN)

Joomla NXT (by TechJoomla) - Custom Fields in Joomla 4 by Robbie Adair (19/01/2022 - EN)

Custom Fields are a powerful tool in Joomla 4! We’ll take a look at the different types of fields, discuss groups, and take a look at how the data is stored in the Joomla database.

Joomla User Group London (21/12/2021 - EN)

Custom Fields of Type Subform ● One Custom Field to rule them all

JoomlaDay USA (24/04/2021 - EN)

J&Beyond (14/11/2020 - EN)

BasicJoomla tutorials (11.2019 - EN)

JoomlaDay Florida (2019 - EN)

JoomlaDay Austria (2019 - DE)

JoomlaDay Australia (Brisbane, 2019 - EN)

CMS Africa (15/03/2019 - EN)

Joomladay DE (Nürnberg, 9-10/11/2018 - DE)

JoomlaDay FR (Paris, 18-19/05/2018 - FR)

JoomlaDagen NL (Eindhoven, 13-14/04/2018 - EN)

Joomla Camp DE (Joomla Unconference - 03/02/2018 - DE)

Joomla User Group Provence-Marseille (09/01/2018 - FR)

Joomla World Conference Rome (17-19/11/2017 - EN)

JoomlaDay DE (22-23/09/2017 - EN)

JoomlaDay UK (08/07/2017 - EN)

J&Beyond (02-04/06/2017 - EN)

JoomlaDay Marseille (12-13/05/2017 - FR)

JoomlaDay Austria (02-03/12/2016 - EN)

Joomla World Conference (11-13/11/2016 - EN)

JoomlaDay Germany (16-17/09/2016 - EN/DE)

JUG Sydney (2016 - EN)

JoomlaDay UK (13/02/2016 - EN)

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