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How COVID-19 Can Create Positive Results for Website Creators


For many companies and roles, COVID-19 has brought unexpected closure and job loss. However, for others, it’s been a way to get creative on how to keep their doors open, including moving to a virtual model of business. 

For others, work has actually increased, such as those that already worked remotely like content writers, online marketers, and developers. Now, website creators, many of whom already work as freelancers from home, see a significant opportunity to do more. Here’s why and how to tap into the growth potential as an in-demand service during COVID-19. 

Open For Business (Online)

Although many businesses already had a presence online through a business website, they may not have updated it or relied on it as much as they need to now. Some even had their website just serve as a placeholder with little content. Those businesses are now scrambling to refresh their websites because it is the only storefront they have during this pandemic. 

As a lifeline to their customer base and target audience, these companies seek website creators that can help them expand their presence through a more engaging design with additional content, an online scheduling system, and additional ways to shop and order. They may need to revamp their website to have a digital storefront.  

A Source For Information and Connection

Many organizations and companies alike need new websites just to address current issues related to COVID-19. That includes both desktop and mobile-friendly websites that can deliver updated statistics and information about the pandemic as well as websites devoted to providing financial assistance. Nearly every major city, state and federal organizations and companies have launched standalone websites with specific content consumers and businesses are anxious to find.   

Other businesses seek ways to develop landing pages and launch new sections for their existing website. They need website creators who can help them introduce what they offer their audiences during this pandemic. Those audiences want instant answers during uncertain times, so these websites and landing pages have to be delivered quickly. 

At the same time, companies want to balance their website with other valuable information for their audiences. A talented website creator can apply their design sensibilities to guiding a company toward the right mix of COVID-19-related sections and the company’s main product or service offering. 

An Elevated User Experience

Companies realize that the shelter-in-place orders leave people with considerably more time on their hands, and they are spending it online. Every company wants those target audience members to visit and engage with their website as much as possible. That’s again when they will call on the expertise of website creators to enhance the user experience

For example, a website creator can change the website design to include prominent areas like an alert bar. These design elements help companies draw their website visitors to the information they need related to COVID-19, including your new business hours, services, promotions, and more. 

With so many design changes to a website during this time, including the ability to integrate other types of tools and technology, companies also need to ensure that their mobile design delivers the same exceptional user experience. Even though audiences are working from home or spending more time there, mobile devices continue to be the preferred way to visit websites. 

Technical Assistance During Unprecedented Web Traffic

Website creators can also assist with some of the technical issues that come with the unprecedented web traffic that has slowed so many websites. For those versatile website creators, there are also numerous ways to assist companies and organizations that may face some unique technical issues that they need to be fixed as fast as possible. 

Taking action includes addressing an overloaded server, removing unnecessary images and videos from pages to improve overall website functionality, and optimizing images to reduce server bandwidth usage. Certain website creators may also be able to help ensure websites have adequate protection to minimize the risk of DDoS attacks.

Be Ready!

Despite the many problems caused by COVID-19, there are also numerous opportunities to help companies, communities, and people overcome those problems. As a Joomla website creator, your creativity and talent provide much-needed assistance in making more information accessible. You can also provide companies with a more engaging platform to help them pivot their business model and keep their doors open.  



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