Joomla: the ideal web solution for local governments


In this case study, Olivier Guillard (Deputy Major, Saint-Léger-en-Yvelines) tells us how his town used Joomla to structure and create their municipal website. He shows us why Joomla is the perfect tool to build a user-friendly, accessible website that's perfect for a local government.

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50 Non-Joomla tools to make your agency more profitable


This is the second part to my original blog post Ways to become more profitable as a Joomla! Agency. This part focuses a lot more on the tools than the processes that we use. I would love to hear in the comments if you have any other suggestions, better suggestions, or you take my suggestions and find them useful. 

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Joomla 5 challenge, the responses and the winners


Remember last month’s challenge to propose a design for our ‘own’ Joomla website? The challenge idea was born out of the marketing team's desire to bring a more harmonious look and feel to Joomla's websites. And to bring us into this decade, as the core sites were all made in the 2010’s and to take the different looks and feel and coordinate across the brand.

Let’s dive in to see who had a say and what their contribution was. 

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Your first project proposal? Do not worry!


A guide on things to consider when writing a proposal as a Joomla freelancer.

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