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GSoC: Browser Automated Tests for Joomla! CMS

GSoC: Browser Automated Tests for Joomla! CMS

The success of GSoC16 of joomla project opened a lot of doors for me. Here I am presenting my work with Automated Testing as BDD - Gherkin, codeception how we’ve written the test of scenarios to our project and how we helped Joomla! it through the project.

The Joomla! User, Content and Category features don't have acceptance testing suits to test it exactly like end user.

 Now Joomla! Will have the Acceptance Testing suits of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) using Gherkin and Codeception language and Selenium tool for User Manager, Content Manager and Category Manager backend and frontend scenarios.

verify available tabs user feature

create user fearure

In this project you will find *.feature files which are main files which) contain scenarios written in Gherkin language for User, Content and Category views.

  • Login into Joomla! Administrator tests/codeception/acceptance/administratorlogin.feature

  • Category Manager tests/codeception/acceptance/category.feature

  • Content Manager  tests/codeception/acceptance/content.feature

  • User Manager tests/codeception/acceptance/users.feature

  • Create User from Frontend and verify details in backend tests/codeception/acceptance/users_frontend.feature

You can see the demo here


Yes, I am really very happy with the result because I learned lot of this project and also it was helpful in make my Ph.D theses strong. This summer was challenging for me. Overall it was a great experience and I am thankful for Google and Joomla for this programme. It helps me to get involve in Open Source community and getting started work professionally.

In community bonding period I learned to ask for help, talk to people and to speak out. Share my ideas and opinions with the community people and coding period GSoC helped me to accomplish my goals and improved myself. It teaches me how to start work independently and finding my own solutions.

My husband (Gunjan Patel) introduced me to J!Family since many years ago and I have started contributing and getting involved with Automated Testing Working Group before this project started. So, I know Joomla! Community since long time and feeling proud to be part of it now. After doing this project I will love to continue involved and contributing to Joomla! Community.

When I was send the proposal afraid asking for help, talk to people and to speak out. But now I enjoy talking with Joomla community very freely and share my ideas and opinions. During this period I got chance to do more involvement with J!Family.

I would like to say just keep doing the awesome work. I don’t have any complain. I love Joomla! Community, my mentors and wonderful Joomla! GSoC admins and team.

Link to the PR

We haven’t sent Pull Request to Joomla as we need some more improvements before sending it to Joomla. So here is a link to all my work:


Previous JCM articles:

Here is the my last two gsoc article links In which describe about me and my project work progress.



Documentation on Joomla Docs

Here is my project joomla document link and README.md for easly understood how to run the tests.



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