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10 Reasons You Won't Want To Miss The 2016 Joomla! World Conference

10 Reasons You Won't Want To Miss The 2016 Joomla! World Conference

The Joomla! World Conference is coming to North America this November 11-13 in Vancouver, BC and it is going to be a fantastic event once again. Let us help make your conference choices a bit easier this fall.  Here are the top 10 reasons why you don't want to miss out on the 2016 Joomla! World Conference.

The Joomla! World Conference is coming to North America this November and it is going to be a fantastic event once again. Let us help make your conference choices a bit easier.  Here are the top 10 reasons why you don't want to miss the 2016 Joomla! World Conference.

1. International Networking

networking jwc15

As an international conference, you will be networking with other Joomlers! and making friends from around the world. Connect with all the different aspects of the development and marketing community. At the Joomla! World Conference you get to experience being a part of the global Joomla! community and walk away with experiences you will never forget.


2. Pre-Conference Event in Vancouver

vancouver at night 123rf

Are you arriving in Vancouver early for the conference? We have an exclusive pre-event party Thursday evening to kick-start the weekend conference by experiencing the nightlife in city of Vancouver!


3. Keynote Speakers

Listen to great keynotes on Joomla!, web design, creativity, and trends in the industry from speakers such as:


KevinJohn Gallagher, who wears a kilt, is blunt, enjoys swearing, loves whisky, and purposefully works with companies his Mom has heard of... Google, Microsoft, BP, BBC, Salesforce, Adobe, McKinsey, Cisco, AOL, Accenture, and Samsung. He is consumed with creating a "Better, Faster, Happier, Smarter workplace" and regularly travels the globe delivering his message that “The Future was Yesterday”.

Kevinjohn Gallagher Bio

Luke Summerfield

Luke Summerfield, from the marketing company Hubspot, who is helping business owners and entrepreneurs use inbound marketing to sell better and improve their customer experience. He is an open source evangelist and an advocate for Growth Driven Design, never build a “new” website again! If your business isn’t static why should your website be? Continuously improve your business and customer experience through the methodology of growth driven design.  

Luke Summerfield Bio

Hello Fisher

Steve Fisher, is crafting user experiences that delight real people and just wants to make the world a better place through intentional UX. His newest venture, The Republic of Quality, is putting people first, and technology second. The duo is helping businesses create better content, and a more consistent user experience that resonates with their communities.

Steve Fisher Bio

And even more to be announced soon!


4. The Essence of Joomla!

Sara Watz

Sarah Watz, president of Open Source Matters, will joining us for the weekend and has an inspiring keynote planned to capture the essence of the Joomla! World Conference and highlight the amazing open source community that makes Joomla! all possible.  


5. Learn about the Future of Joomla!

joomla logo open source matters

The Production Leadership Team will be presenting a talk on the future of the Joomla! project, new features, and sharing our exciting direction as the Joomla community continues to grow!


6. Breakout Sessions

Breakout jwc15

Experience breakout sessions on UX, Design, Development, and Marketing and more! Pick a track to grow, network, and collaborate with others in the Joomla! community, with the number of speakers and keynotes you'll have a hard time picking between all the awesome sessions you could attend.


7. Awesome Sponsors

lanyards jwc15 

Make a personal connection with our awesome sponsors who are helping make this event possible! The open source community is a beautiful thing, with many companies, individuals, and organizations working together to make open source and Joomla! a better place. We would like to thank our sponsors for all of their help to make this years' event great!

2016 JWC Sponsors


8. Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel

 Sheraton Vancouver Hotel Room

Experience a weekend stay at the luxurious Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel located in the heart of downtown. Top notch rooms in a professional business hotel within walking distance of restaurants and entertainment. Book your stay through the JWC website and get a discount on your rooms!

Learn More About the Venue



9. It's in Vancouver, BC

 vancouver bay shot 123rf

The 2016 Joomla! World Conference is in the international city of Vancouver, BC in Canada. If you haven't visited the city before, don't miss out on a chance to experience it firsthand! With world-class restaurants, entertainment, art museums and national parks right on the ocean, you'll take in sights and sounds that will make you want to stay for the whole week.


10. Professional Growth

bnw crowd shot jwc15 

By coming to the 2016 Joomla! World Conference you'll be able to impress your boss with your knowledge of trends in the industry and what's coming next for Joomla! You can be a part of breakout sessions where you will continue to expand your marketing and development skills. And after the event you'll be ready for the next year, inspired, connected, and one step ahead of the competition.


So what are you waiting for, don’t miss out on another awesome conference event! Buy your ticket for the 2016 Joomla! World Conference now! We’re excited to see you there!

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