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Three Archetypes of Open Innovation Processes & Joomla!

Three Archetypes of Open Innovation Processes & Joomla!

"Open Innovation is a phenomenon that has become increasingly important for both practice and theory over the last few years. The reasons are to be found in shorter innovation cycles, industrial research and development’s escalating costs as well as in the dearth of resources."

They came up with the following result based on their empirical database of 124 companies:

  1. The outside-in process: Enriching a company’s own knowledge base through the integration of suppliers, customers, and external knowledge sourcing can increase a company’s innovativeness.
  2. The inside-out process: The external exploitation of ideas in different markets, selling IP and multiplying technology by channelling ideas to the external environment.
  3. The coupled process: Linking outside-in and inside-out by working in alliances with complementary companies during which give and take are crucial for success.

While I was reading this journal for the first time, companies/persons working with Joomla! are doing the same in their area of innovation.

The outside-in process:

Those companies that are working with Joomla!, increasing companies innovativeness through learning from outside. When companies decided to work with Joomla! They learn it from Joomla docs, videos tutorials, articles/blogs etc. Specially they learn most of it during the projects while fullfilling the customers requiements. They also learn during parterships with other Joomla! Users; that is by attending JUG, Joomla day, Joomla confereneces, reading JCM, following Joomla gurus in Twitter, facebook, linkedin and many forums or mailing group.

After learning from outside they provide their customers an innovative solutions through this award winning CMS Joomla!

The inside-out process:

Many companies learn from outside and provide innovative solutions to their customers along with that they develope extensions/templates for the Joomla community. They see the problem/need that customers or other Joomla users may face in solving some problem, so they make their own extensions/templates to provide solution in a creative way. Not only based on Joomla! Core, many companies prove their innovativeness in providing solutions for others extensions, e.g., the 'Extension Specific' category in the extensions directory shows thousands of extensions are based on others extensions.

These ways the companies help others to provide solutions to the customers and help other Joomla users to be more innovative.

The coupled process:

In this process, companies are working above two process to make a better quality of product. In my view everyone working with Joomla are using coulped process in a bigger or smaller scale. Programmers, developers, UI designers, even who wrties in forum asking for solutions of any Joomla! problem are contributing for next version of Joomla! development. Co-opeartions with others are one of the important factors in this process. In Joomla! We do the same, e.g., those features that will be added in Joomla!'s next version is decided by teams of many persons/companies from all over the world.

People working with Joomla! are always using open innovation. So, let's work all together to make an really great innovative product/CMS through which we can provide great solutions for the world.

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