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Leadership Highlights from October 2011

Leadership Highlights from October 2011

Neither horrifying zombies nor creepy computer ghouls could keep the Joomla Leadership from its work in the spooky month of October!

Trail Blazers

Joomla!Day New York hosted the first Joomla Roadmap Meeting to discuss the next major revision of Joomla after the long-term support release 2.5 comes out in a few months. Production Leadership Team (PLT) members joined with developers and interested members of the community in this ground-breaking event, hopefully the first of many!

Leadership Structure Changes

After a month of feedback on JPeople regarding the Leadership Structure Changes blog, a thread has been started on the public leadership email list where the next steps will be discussed. Don't miss the action — hop on your broomstick and check out that thread!

How to Put your Budget Down

It is time to start the 2012 goal setting/budget planning process, and you can follow it here. The hard work that went into the 2011 budget has set a new standard and will ensure even better reporting in 2012. After 3 consecutive years of losses, the past two years have shown huge profit margins, which is something to crow about!

TM Matters

Okay, I'll just say it: trademark policy is a big headache. But it is critically important and comes with substantial financial and legal implications. OSM and the TM team take it very seriously and are trying to make life better for everyone by rethinking our TM policy, in order to improve the processes.

Joomla!Day Roundup

The month of October saw four awesome Joomla!Days, attended by the following leadership members:

  • JDay Israel - Ryan Ozimek (OSM)
  • JDay Italy
  • JDay New York - Mark Dexter, Andy Tarr (PLT)
  • JDay Denmark - Ryan Ozimek (OSM)

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