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Benefits of Using Pirated Joomla Extensions

Benefits of Using Pirated Joomla Extensions

“If you value a Joomla extension, you will also value and appreciate the work that goes into making that extension.” A few weeks ago in a Joomla user group, a user shared a link to a website encouraging the purchase of various Joomla extension licences, sharing them with those who had paid for this pirated 'membership'.


That user (Luis, we have changed his name to protect his identity) was banned from the group. Luis then returned questioning why he had been banned.

I wrote to him:

“Luis, if you read the group's policy it states clearly:

[Neither will messages be accepted that encourage licence exchange, licence sharing, commercial extensions redistribution etc.]”

I added:

"Please don't encourage piracy. Thank you for your understanding." 

Luis responded:

“ahh ok, I didn't know! I will save them all for me then! Haha”

I replied:

“Pirate software only results in the developers seeing their work and the labour they put into providing quality components and templates wasted.”

“If you value Joomla extensions, you will also value and appreciate the work that goes into making that extension.”

A regular user of the group replied saying:

“Also this type of content usually come with loads of coding that leaves your website open to outside third parties to access, the client then complains that this is Joomla’s fault, and in reality it's our own fault for using these pirated copies... If the extension is expensive, you should consider when you hand over the proposal to the client that it is them who will really pay…”

Another added:

“These licences you call 'expensive', are how events are paid for (through sponsorship) and fund so many other things in our communities in every country. ..

It's boycotting yourself, your own community...

Actually these extensions cost very little when compared to the true price of developing them.

To quote the usage policy of a famous Joomla template and extension developer:

[unauthorized use: do not distribute, offer to distribute or sell any of our Joomla templates without written consent. Joomla templates, whether modified or unmodified, can not be stored on removable media, web sites, or other types of storage in order to redistribute these templates. Do not sub-licence, re-assign or transfer your subscription without written consent from ourselves.]

We agree that what Luis tried to do was certainly ‘non-permitted’ action.

So, what are the advantages of using pirated extensions? The answer is none.

Completely the opposite actually, they are detrimental.

Sooner or later you will end up losing, causing damage to the community, to your clients, to the developer and of course to our beloved Joomla that so many of us give to, and ask for nothing in return.

I now want to share with you a few things we should be aware of:

  1. Learn to value your work and that of others

  2. You will receive very little for a software that took weeks or months to create, to test, to improve and to release

  3. You will receive software updates

  4. You will receive support and access to forums so as to establish the developer’s policies.

  5. There will be other extensions out there that might be better

  6. Allow the developer to have more opportunity to invest in Joomla, whether this is investment is time in the community, sponsorship or generating new extensions.

  7. Prevent your website from being hacked, pirate programs often carry malicious coding

  8. Allow Joomla to be a project that keeps growing!

Earning money is our right if we invest our time creating websites. This will be from a good source and will mean that everyone will get their share, including those who support us creating extensions that make our project sellable and keep the client happy!

Furthermore, we can offer a service guarantee, can offer more services to our clients, creating long-term clients. Remember that a happy client will never go to another provider.

Translated from the article in Spanish by Carlos Olivares Pérez https://magazine.joomla.org/es/ediciones-anteriores/junio-2014/item/2156-ventajas-de-conseguir-extensiones-de-joomla-piratas

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