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Back in 2012 a group of crazy folks got together and decided it was high time that a Joomla User Group be founded in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro is a city in in Brazil, located in South America. Interest in the Joomla platform is growing in Rio, thus the need for those of like Joomla mind be joined together so that knowledge can be growing at the same time as interest in the Joomla platform.

The JUG Rio was founded in 2012 and since then, organizers have been in touch with one another planning what needs to be done in order to make the JUG happen and be successful.

Part of this process involved getting in touch with other user groups; PHP, Ruby on Rails and so on.

JUG Rio's goal is to promote and put people in touch making the community stronger; both within Joomla, and locally in the Rio area.

The first meeting towards the community was an online meeting via Hangout On Air (Google) that happened on January 31st, 2013. The Hangout had great turn out! Joomla lovers from all over the country got together to share their love of Joomla with one another. The meeting focus was the importance of creating and holding local meetings (in various areas since Rio is a gigantic city), putting together translation teams, and about JoomlaDay Brazil which is scheduled to take place in the later part of 2013. Check out the video of the Hangout (you will need to know a bit of Portuguese in order to understand).

There is a demand to be filled in Rio for people to know and learn more about Joomla! While there is some information about Joomla in Portuguese, there isn't enough, and it's difficult for the local people to understand English. Thus, JUG Rio is born!

JUG Rio's website launched the week of January 25th. It looks great and the logo is stunning.

Currently, the organizers of the group are Helvecio "Elvis" da Silva and Ariadne Pinheiro. They are both looking for additional assistance with the group. There are so many wonderful aspects of JUGs. Get in touch with the group if you are in the area. Being involved is fantastic!

See you in the next JUG Rio Hangout!!

JUG Rio website

Twitter: @jugcarioca


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