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Master Bootstrap – Free Template for Joomla!

Master Bootstrap – Free Template for Joomla!

A few months ago, I adapted the great Bootstrap framework to Joomla, basing it on a few of the versions seen before. After a period during which I left it untouched, I revised and refined it, getting it ready to be used, at least on test sites.

There are many templates based on Bootstrap, including the most well-known template providers, but with this one I added some features that make it easier to use.

You can download it from Github here:https://github.com/gsuez/joomla-master-bootstrap

Bootstrap in action:http://bootstrap.gsuez.cl/


  • It has various positions that can be adjusted simply by adding a class to the module: for example, if in a row you want four modules, add the class ‘span3’ to each one, and that’s it! By doing this, designing any style of site is easy.
  • Something else I did was I made the footer “stuck” to the bottom. This is very handy if you have little content on some parts of your site, as the footer will never move higher.
  • The menu is still completely in CSS, with modern features and style; I didn’t want to change something simply for the sake of it and for it to become detrimental.
  • The modules have a special class, so that all of them look the same.
  • File loading of JS and CSS on Bootstrap is minimal. If you want more, simply upload what you need from the Bootstrap site and put them in the corresponding folders.


You can download the template for free and create your own templates. It is, above all, Bootstrap, and contains all of its features. Master Bootstrap is what you make of it- if you use your knowledge and time well, the sky’s the limit. It’s important to remember that it’s still in development, and will continue improving - take this into consideration when using it.


Original Article: Master Bootstrap - Plantilla gratis para Joomla!

Written by: Gonzalo Suez

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