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Focusing on Joomla!

Focusing on Joomla!

This issue is a big one! We have lots of articles and, very happily, lots of photos. The one thing we always do each month is try to find a relevant image to go with articles that were submitted without one... not so easy when you are searching for something interesting to go with an article full of code.

The photo above was taken by Pierre Sempé during Sander Potjer's closing keynote about Joomlers and the Volunteer Portal. Fittingly, that is what this article is about, volunteering, Joomla and photography. 

During his talk, Sander asked everyone to take a #jselfie and within minutes, the #JWC14 twitter stream was filled with faces of folks at the conference in Cancun and of those joining in from around the world. 

We are in the process of revamping the JCM to make it more attractive and easy to use, as well as accessible, responsive and searchable. One thing that Alice and I would like to have is a resource to pull images from, especially Joomla-related images. With so many talented Joomla photographers out there, we thought we could crowd source the idea and see what happens.

If you would be willing to let us use your photos, we will be happy to give you a photo credit and a link back to your flickr page. Think about adding an album for Joomla or tech-related images... how many times have we used a lock for security articles? What would you shoot to go with an article about MySQL? An example this month is an article by Jenn Gress about site migration using a photo by Paul Orwig.

Send a link to your flickr page to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can share the link in the comments below. 

Be creative, use your imagination! 

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