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Joomla! Websites: The Home Page of Champions

Joomla! Websites: The Home Page of Champions

The Games of the XXX Olympiad are underway in London, United Kingdom. They're powered by the world's best athletes, years of training and a lot of muscle. It turns out that a lot of the Olympics are also powered by Joomla! websites.

Joomla!'s Social Media team enlisted the help of our community to locate sites related to the Olympics. With very special thanks to Brian Teeman, Ole Ottosen, Isidro Baquero, and Ben Tasker, here is a selection of what they found. Throughout the 2012 Olympic Games, links to these sites will be shared each day at Joomla!'s Facebook Page, Google Plus account and Twitter account.

National Olympic Committees

Sports Governing Bodies

Olympic Teams



Can You Help?

Do you know of other Joomla! websites related to the Olympic Games? The Joomla! Social Media team would like to share them with the worldwide community this month. Tell us about them below in the comments below!


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