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My 2 cents about what it means to be part of a global community


Last month, I've read the awesome Astrid's blog post about what it means to be part of a global community, specifically the Joomla community. Being part of a global community is a huge topic and I'm not sure to have the answer, but I will do my very best to share my point of view in echo to Astrid's one ;)

Do you have another point of view after reading? Don't hesitate to write and post it next month in echo to Astrid's and mine!

S - haring

Of course, sharing is caring and very honestly, it's the key point for me. Without sharing, there is no community.

Because without the help and all the answers from the Community gave me for years, I wouldn't be the Joomla webmaster I'm today.

And that's why I share my knowledge today with those who need it.

But we can share much more than knowledge. What about information, resources, experience, passion, time, etc?

Because as a part of a global community, sharing is an evidence and a necessity to me.

Maybe I'm an altruist dreamer but I know that many people around the world need to access free content and free knowledge. If we don't share with them, we exclude them form our Community.

Do I need to remind you what the word Joomla means?

H - onesty

Billy Joel was right, "Honesty is such a lonely word" nowadays.

But it's a very important point when you are a part of a global community, like the Joomla Community.

Based on my own experience, being honest with yourself is a moral responsability toward the Community.

For example, I was too busy in 2020-2021 so I had no other choice than to step down from few J! projects.

For sure, I'll be back as soon my schedule bcome lighter because Joomla needs constaintly our help.

Being honest is a duty, a responsability and a strenght when you are a part of a global Community.

A - nswers

It was an answer from Tessa Mero at the end of 2013 that gave me the click and the desire to join the Joomla project as a volunteer.

A simple answer and I became a member of the JED Team a few weeks later. I stayed there for 6 years.

A simple answer turned me into a part of this Community. Tessa gave me more than an answer, she gave me the access to a family.

A simple answer can change a lot of things for the person who answers but also for the person who receives.

Don't hesitate to selflessly answer any questions you see on social media and forum. Who knows what will happen?

R - esources

The Joomla Community is full of resources and I am one of it.

My time, my knowledge, the sites I've created, the extensions I've developed, etc. are all resources to the Community.

My articles, my tutorials, my talks, my answers to the questions, my projects are also resources to the Community.

Because I needed these resources many years ago, now I give them to the ones who need them. As a perpetual cycle.

The members are also resources: for the Community but also beyond. Everything you do as a Community member is a resource and it will help someone. 

I - deas

Like the wind for a sailboat, the Joomla Community needs new ideas to stay alive, strong and grow.

Ideas are the most powerful fuel for a project. The Joomla project came from an idea and keep growing with our ideas.

Without ideas, we wouldn't have ACL, custom fields, JUGs, JWC, the magazine you're reading now, the JED, etc.

Without ideas, there is no evolution, no future. The project slowly dies and the Community with it.

Without you, this article has no value, no interest. But because you're reading it, maybe you'll have an idea and you'll share it with the Community.

N - ew

I've installed my first Joomla site in 2007 and I discovered a new world with infinite possibilities.

I've joined the Joomla Community in 2014 as a volunteer and I became a member of a new family with members all around the world.

I've created my own business based on Joomla and I discovered a new way of life with clients, users and friends.

Being a part of a global Community like the Joomla Community can change your life, your family and your vision of the world.

Don't be afraid to embrace the change, simply open your mind, accept the future and the new things. 

G - enerous

When you share something with someone or with a group, you're generous.

Because generosity is a precious asset for the one who gives and for the one who receives, we have to protect and encourage this behavior.

By the way, is the Joomla Community really generous? Can we improve our generosity and if so, how we should do it? Are we really "all together"?

As an example, none of the major Joomla events took place in the Southern hemisphere where billions of people live and where millions of Joomlers live.

Are we ready to change this? Of course, we can always improve it and it's mandatory if we want to develop our Community.

How? By increasing its number of volunteers, by encouraging ideas, by sharing experiences, by giving a little of our time, etc.

Sharing ideas, giving answers, providing resources and ideas, that's the true genetic material of a Community, of the Joomla Community.


Very honestly, I won't pretend that my point of view about being a part of a global community will change the world but if only a generous reader has something in mind after reading this blog post, I encourage her/him to share her/his idea(s) here as an answer because it could be the answer and you never know what will happen with answers...

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