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Google Summer of Code 2022: Joomla did it for the 14th time!


Joomla did it for the 14th time! We are proud to announce that our application as a mentoring organisation for the 2022 Google Summer of Code™ program (GSoC) has been accepted with our individual entry here!

With a lot of things changed for this year's Google Summer of Code, Joomla is excited to welcome a bigger audience than ever before. This year, contributors are not confined to college students, the eligibility criteria have been opened right up.

We have also been onboarding External Mentors for the first time ever. Joomla can learn from their different skills and mindset, their perspective from outside the organisation.

Joomla would like to thank all our mentors who have pledged to give their time and expertise to help make this GSoC the best ever.

We are also excited as this year we have four returning students. Last year they were participants, this year they are putting their knowledge to good use and becoming mentors. The project will greatly benefit from their knowledge and enthusiasm.

There are 5 projects that the students can choose from. All are designed to make a valuable contribution to the Joomla core and it is hoped that they will make their way into Joomla 4.x releases and Joomla 5.

  1. Project I: Workflow/Scheduler
    • Automate the execution of workflow transitions via the scheduler
  2. Project II: Guided Tour
    • Implement different explanation tours in the Joomla backend
  3. Project III: SEO
    • Different SEO improvements
  4. Project IV: Accessibility Plugin
    • Rewrite the accessibility plugin to fix different issues and make it more flexible
  5. Project V: Schema.org
    • Implement a schema.org solution into Joomla to replace the current rich snippets solution

For more details: https://docs.joomla.org/GSoC_2022_Project_Ideas


Useful links about GSoC 2022

  • Announcement of the selected organisations by Google
  • All information/project ideas about Joomla! GSoC 2022 are available at https://docs.joomla.org/GSoC_2022/en
  • View the list of 2022 Open Source organisations that will be participating as mentor organisations for GSoC 2022
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