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This is an update on my GSoC 2013 project - Improvements to the Template Manager for CMS 3. Do checkout the video that I've done and tell me what do you think about the project.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted some feedback from the community and also wanted the people from the community to test the features that I've added. You can either test the features or just have a look at the video that I've done and provide me with your valuable feedback and any other improvement that you may want to see in the Template Manager.


Feature Tracker:

Setting Up:

First of all, make a remote of my repository:

git remote add myremote

Then setup a local branch ‘testing’ to track remote branch ‘test’ from ‘myremote’ and checkout to that local branch:

git checkout -b testing myremote/test

Test Instruction/Feature Update

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Ram Tripathi

Ram Tripathi

I'm an undergraduate student from India. I first developed a website on Joomla during an internship at a startup in my second year. From that point I fell in love with Joomla and have been using Joomla since then.

I got a great opportunity to contribute to the Joomla Project through the Google Summer of Code 2013 program. My project "Improvements to the Template Manager for CMS 3" was selected by the Joomla mentors. I also contribute to the Joomla Bug Squad.

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