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10 Reasons Why Joomla Should Be Your CMS of Choice


Whether you want to create a business website or start a blog, the most efficient way to do so is with a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is ideal for the entrepreneur who does not have HTML or CSS coding skills or cannot access developer talent.

In the last decade, there have been numerous CMS solutions to choose from, one of which is Joomla. Having relied on this CMS for many years, I have put together the 10 reasons why it works for me and why it should be your CMS of choice:

1. A self-hosted CMS

A self-hosted CMS means it is open-source software. This allows you to download it and put it on any server. Being open-source provides more control over the look and functionality of your website. 

It helps to have the flexibility to create any type of blog or website you want versus being limited by only a few options. 

That’s why so many different types of businesses and organizations use Joomla, including nonprofits, startups, freelancers, media, corporations, and more. For example, I build my company calendar as an open-source software so that anyone can download it and run it on their own site. Lots more creative options including flexibility to customize it to your needs.

2. A User-Friendly Dashboard

Although CMS platforms tend to be fairly easy to use, Joomla takes it a step further in terms of how easy it is to get started. There are no weeks spent on tutorials here.The dashboard functionality is simple and straightforward, so you can be up and running in a short time and quickly make changes, when necessary. And, if you are not sure how a particular setting might work, you can enable Joomla’s tooltips to get additional help. 

3. Free

Free can be a good and not-so-good reason, depending on the technology. With Joomla, free is fantastic. While add-on features are available for a fee, there is so much included in the free version that many of those extras you can live without. 

4. Multiple Features 

There is extraordinary value that comes from using Joomla because of the amount of features and tools you get. There are numerous tabs filled with features, including the Articles tab where you can find all your published content. Plus, you can tap into thousands of extensions for even more functionality. The extensions are divided into wide-ranging categories, such as communication, marketing, social, site management, and more.

5. Powerful Tools

Joomla offers superior tools for producing quality, optimized content. For example, this CMS solution features a top-performing editor tool as well as many built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options. 

6. Customization

Joomla allows you to customize many settings, including your website’s SEO. You can enable CAPTCHAs, configure cache settings, and use multiple languages just to name a few of the customization options available. There is also a theme directory to differentiate the visual look of your website or blog. 

7. High-Performance

You want your website to load fast so you don’t lose visitors, and Joomla delivers. Some of my favorite features that have enhanced my company website’s performance include caching and GZIP compression.

8. Security 

The last thing you want to do is put your visitors’ information at risk, so security is a priority. Joomla is known to be one of the most secure CMS platforms. Regular vulnerability checks, patches, and updates provide peace of mind. 

9. A Vast User Community 

The user community includes hundreds of thousands of users, developers, and designers. This provides incredible resources, including a continually updated forum that far surpasses Joomla’s already comprehensive help guides and tech support. That means you can get assistance with all aspects of web development and design from other Joomla users, including insights into bugs, security issues, updates, and more. 

10. Ideal For E-Commerce

Although Joomla works well for all types of companies, it is ideal for an e-commerce company. Not many CMS platforms are actually e-commerce-friendly CMS, but Joomla has many features and tools designed for e-commerce applications. Also, third-party integrations help enhance what’s possible, including the ability to incorporate payment gateways, checkout services, shipping and inventory, and product management.

Adding these integrations and leveraging the e-commerce tools also does not complicate the daily use of Joomla as a CMS either. Everything remains just as simple and straightforward, removing considerable effort from maintaining an e-commerce business.

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