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Project: RESTful Web Service API

Project: RESTful Web Service API

I always wanted to get involved in a big open source project such as Joomla. This year, Google Summer of Code gave me this huge opportunity to join Joomla community and build something that many developers can take the benefit of.

My involvement with Joomla started 2 months ago during the applications period for Google Summer of Code 2012. I was looking for an organization with a large community that Joomla certainly has it. First, I tried to understand the Joomla Framework code and then I submitted a bug fix and modified some wiki pages - I was really excited to bring my small contribution.

Currently, I am a third year student at "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Romania at Computer Science and Engineering department. Over the years, I have participated in a lot of software contests and I have had collaborations with people overseas, which offered me the chance to perfect my programming skills gained in high-school, and also to develop some soft skills too. I have decided to give Google Summer of Code a try, because I like the Open Source concept and I am sure that it will be a great experience.

The project that I am going to work on for GSoC 2012 is RESTful Web Service API for Directory-like Applications. At this moment, there are all kinds of Joomla applications (command line application, daemon, web application, web service), but there is no Joomla Application Directory for them. A goal of my project is to put the basis for a further Joomla Application Directory by creating a Restful web service API for directory-like applications. Besides that, any device could connect with API and it will prove that Joomla is not just a simple CMS, but a powerful web tool. Moreover, it could be used as a base to create any kind of application that follows the structure of a directory – for example someone could build on it a recipes website or a personal journal. The fact that it is easy offers the possibility to integrate it with other APIs (like social network ones) and create great applications by saving a lot of time.

To sum up, I consider that this project has a big potential and it may help both Joomla developers and users. The greatest outcome of this project is that it will serve as a basis for the new Joomla Application Directory and it's an API to which anyone can easily connect. Having such an API built, many developers may start consider using the Joomla Framework in their applications and use it as an example of how to create their custom RESTful web service.

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