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Happy 3rd Birthday JCM!

Happy 3rd Birthday JCM!

In July of 2010 the first issue of the Joomla Community Magazine was launched. Three years, 1,100 articles, 4,400 comments and one multilingual site later, the JCM is still going strong!

And it's all thanks to YOU, Joomla Community! There wouldn't be an issue month after month without individuals contributing their Joomla stories, filling the table of contents with tutorials, extension recommendations, translations and events information. Shoutouts for help wanted on different teams are common, as well as news from the project leadership. It's a natural flow of a wide variety of information for newbies, hard core coders, and everyone in-between, generously submtitted month after month.

As the JCM celebrates its third birthday, the Spanish JCM celebrates its third issue. Feliz Cumpleanos Magazine de la Comunidad de Joomla! Since its first issue the Spanish team has been producing a top quality magazine, with a wide variety of articles from the global Spanish-speaking community. It is particularly wonderful to celebrate this milestone not as one, but as TWO community magazines, reaching more people and giving a wider range of expression to our worldwide communities.

We interrupt this birthday message with an important Google Summer of Code update: 

Don't miss the special Google Summer of Code section in this month's issue! Meet the participants and hear about the projects they will be coding. The best and brightest young Joomla community members will be working on improvements to the template manager, modules, form fields, the media manager, and other innovations as well. Thanks to all the participants and their mentors for giving to this initiative that each year drives major contributions to the Joomla core, and reveals dynamic up-and-coming contributors.

Meanwhile, back on the magazine,  a huge thanks also goes to the people who make themselves available regularly all month long, and especially on the first day of each month. Thanks to the JCM team our website functions properly, and article layout is consistent and clean, with minimal typos. The team brings you thoughtful interviews, case studies, business matters, project news, events news, and is always available to brainstorm new ideas for compelling stories. Every article has not only an image, but often that graphic is an original work of digital art. This team has oodles of talent as well as good humor and patience. I think what binds us together is feeling like we are doing something worthwhile and rewarding.

Wish the JCM a Happy Birthday by submitting an article! Perhaps while working on a website for a client you found a new way to extend Joomla, or wrote a little code to add a functionality that could be of benefit to others. Maybe you attended an event that inspired you, or have some useful advice to pass on. Write it up! Share your experience, and share your stories!

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