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More About Joomla! Certification

More About Joomla! Certification

Working Progress on the Joomla Certifications: a project in which the presence of the members of the Joomla community who speak Spanish is very important; a project where there are more than a dozen countries and various continents; a project, in summary, that will be born from the fusion of experience so diverse and different, that it will mark a before and after in the quality of the certifications of a CMS.

As you might have read on the Facebook page we have about the Joomla Certification, there is a series of questions which have already been answered, and a series of working groups formed that you can join to lend a hand.

One of the questions that has aroused some interest in English, Spanish and Portuguese is: What will be the first area available for certification? And you can read the following response: Our target right now is to make the Joomla Administrator Certification the first certification available for Joomla 3.5

The team of volunteers for the creation of the Joomla Certification program, led by Sarah Watz, is formed by people of various nationalities who are committed to simultaneously creating the certification in two languages. To answer the question: What languages will Joomla Certification be translated into? Currently it is ambitious but realistic within our means: our goal is to make the Joomla Certification test available in Spanish and English to start with. More languages to come…

To carry out the remaining work, of which is much, we have created three working groups:

  • Joomla Certification Program: Led by Sara Thornton
  • Team for Joomla Certification Training: Led by Victor York and myself (Irene López)
  • Communication and Marketing: Led by Robert Wilson

Now I will tell you something about each of them so you can see where your contribution fits best if you would like to get involved.

The Joomla Certification Program Team is responsible for creating and managing the Certification Program for all Joomla Certifications. If you have a background in working with certification programs, or creating exams or tests, or have been administering Joomla sites for a number of years this could be a great working group for you.

The Joomla Certification Training Team is responsible for communicating with the training centers, schools and companies that offer Joomla training. You’ll be helping the them to get the information they need to adapt their curriculum to prepare students to take the certification. If you have a background in working with trainers, if you have a good network of trainers, or if you are a trainer yourself, this could be a great working group for you.

The Joomla Certification Communication & Marketing Team is responsible for marketing and communication for the Joomla Certification Program. This team is going to be handling the ongoing dialogue with the community to get feedback on the program. If you have a background in working with social media, or moderating a forum, writing press releases or copy (all in a professional context), this could be a great working group for you.

In any of these teams you can enjoy helping out the Joomla project without being an expert in software development, and you can help make our favorite CMS grow by contributing experience in many fields.

The weekly meetings are in English using a multi-conference tool which allows voice and text from each participant. Once the holidays are over the activity of the working groups will resume.

We await you.

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