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Joomla SaaS – A Good Start for Joomla Newbie

Joomla Newbie, I’m sure you are going to ask “What the hell is SaaS? Why is it a good start for me?” And I assure that you will be interested in the things I’m about to say, just as many of my clients were before.

SaaS is short for Software as a Service, sometimes referred to as “on-demand software”. That means the software is distributed as a service by some vendor or company over the Internet. To put it simply, service providers will create and maintain the software for you when you hire them.

So what is Joomla SaaS?

Joomla - proudly known as an award-winning content management system — is a kind of software used to build websites. We call it Joomla SaaS.

There are Joomla service providers willing to take care of your Joomla! based websites from A to Z. For instance: Cloudaccess.net and SimplWeb.com. These two providers are well-known in the Joomla service market. Apart from CloudAccess and SimplWeb, you can find some other Joomla SaaS providers on the Internet such as 040hosting.eu.

Let me clarify a little bit about them for you.



CloudAccess is the official host of the Joomla! Demo site. Users can take the opportunity to experience Joomla on their network with free hosting provided by CloudAccess for 30 days. If you want to test your new website or simply learn more about Joomla, get access to the Joomla! Demo site and make use of CloudAccess's benefits.

CloudAccess offers customers a KickStart Package which is mainly used for businesses. A good looking CloudBase 2.0 template and a complete Joomla site will be ready for you to make further configuration steps. The pricing cycle is $99.00 per time.

Besides this, CloudAccess contains six other pricing packages ranging from Trial (free) to Pro ($99.95 per month) with a 20% discount for a one-year registration. The more expensive a pricing package is, the more advantages it has; i.e. more disk space, higher speed and better support. Let’s take a look at the CloudAccess’s pricing:

CloudAccess Pricing

You should consider which hosting package is most suitable for your needs before making a decision.



SimplWeb is the co-author of a well-known book, "Joomla! 1.5 a User’s Guide." They have helped thousands of individuals and organizations create useful websites (more than 300,000).

Once signing up to SimplWeb, you have two subscription plans - $24.95 per month and $239.50 per year (saving 20%), both of which offer you a thirty-day free trial. During the trial period, you will be able to create more than five Joomla powered websites. And they charge no fee for the start up or installation.

Simplweb Pricing

Additionally, if you are in urgent need of a website, you can order the $499 Fast Track service to get your website done in a few days.

The subscription plans also include 24/7 support from SimplWeb’s experts, training materials, lifetime upgrades, security, back-up and so on. You can read the Pre-sale FAQs for more information about the provider.



040 Application Hosting is different from other Joomla SaaS providers as they take care of your website, not make your website. They maintain clients’ Joomla-powered websites with monthly updates, Joomla Audit Reports, Security Upgrades and so on. 040 Application Hosting provides Joomla SaaS including basic Joomla software upgrades and installations together with Accepted modules and component maintenance.

Pricing doesn’t include the hosting service. It costs €34 per month in total, of which SaaS Basic Joomla costs €10 and SaaS Accepted modules / components costs €24.

If you pre-pay for 12 months, it costs you €374 per year with one month free.

Off-site back-up pricing is included in the Basic Joomla for 10GB max. DVD Postal Service on request is €12.50 and USB Stick Postal Service on request (max 1GB data) is €30.00.

040 Hosting also provides additional back-up space. It costs €0.75 per GB/month for 10-100GB; €0.50 per GB/month for 100GB-1TB and €0.20 per GB/month for 1TB.

Who needs Joomla SaaS?

Anyone, from the director of a company to a freelance photographer, who wants a corporate portal or photo gallery website to boost his image and sales numbers, and who commonly doesn’t know enough about IT and websites.

If you want to build your own website but don’t know much about web development in general and Joomla in particular, Joomla SaaS is essential.

Even if you know something about Joomla, you might worry that building a website from scratch requires many tasks such as hiring a host, buying a domain, choosing Joomla templates and deciding on the right Joomla extensions, then maintaining the website and supporting afterwards. It will take you a lot of time and effort. Why not have someone do it for you? That’s why Joomla service providers were born.

How can Joomla SaaS help the Joomla Newbie?

It is clear that you will get many benefits from Joomla SaaS. Joomla SaaS saves you time and effort. How does it save your time and effort?

  • You don’t have to worry about hosting, which is the most troublesome issue.
  • You get an automatic Joomla back-up system from the providers.
  • You get a professional website with all desired features.
  • You get frequent maintenance and support from the providers.
  • And so on...

In general, you just pay money and Joomla service providers do everything for you. Your brain will be free from technical issues to focus on your main duties. Don’t hesitate to make use of a Joomla SaaS and tell me what you think about it.

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