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Joomla! Resources Directory - It's Time for a Change!

Joomla! Resources Directory - It's Time for a Change!

Get ready for a breath of fresh air for a Joomla property website that has been neglected over the past few years! That’s right – the Joomla Resources Directory has been a resource that has gone widely underutilised, and that’s something the current JRD Team is gearing up to turn around!

As you probably know, the Joomla Resources Directory (JRD) website is a site that is supposed to help connect users who need Joomla oriented services with companies and freelancers who offer services.

Over the past few months a team of dedicated individuals has been going over the current JRD site, having some internal discussions and connecting with the the Community Leadership Committee (CLT) on some new ideas for the JRD.

Our Plan

We have been scheming and planning, and building to launch a shiny new resources site. There’s a number of reasons that we have decided to do this. Primarily, the team would like to bring new features to the site that will make it a much more valuable asset to the community, as well as give us an opportunity to give the site a ‘clean start’, as it has experienced some neglect over the past few years.

To do this successfully we had to decide what to do with the existing JRD site. After discussions with the CLT we have decided to follow the path of the old Joomla Extensions Directory, which archived all the Joomla 1.5 listings and made the site static. Our plan will be similar, we will close the site to new entries, and close it to listing updates (except under the condition of complete removal if desired).

This will mean when the new site comes along, all users (even if currently registered) will need to add their listings to the new site. This means everyone can take advantage of the new registration process, which will be much smoother for users. We also plan to have the the guidelines and requirements streamlined to encourage engagement from all the talented firms across the globe that offer Joomla services.

Our Timeline

  • We plan to ‘end of life’ the current Joomla Resources Directory site, ending all new registrations and entries as of August 1st.
  • We plan to launch a private, invite only, beta test by October 1st.
  • We plan to open the new site to the public by November 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a listing on the current site, can I change it?
    • You will only be able to remove your listing from the site. We won’t allow edits.
  • I don’t have a listing, can I add one now?
    • No, the site is closed to new submissions starting August 1st.
  • Can I remove my current listing from the JRD Site?
    • Yes! Just email us using the contact form (using the email you registered with!) and asked to be removed.
  • Can I get access to the private beta?
    • If you would like to be included in the private beta, send us an email via the JRD contact form. We will invite a select group of people to join the beta.
  • Can I help?
    • If you have experience with directory websites, or reviewing listings, your help would be appreciated! Send us an email and let us know what you would like to do. We’d especially like to encourage the participation of non-US members on the JRD team.


Thanks for your interest and we hope we’ll see you soon on the new JRD site!

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