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Amidst the tranquil backdrop of JoomlaDay Netherlands, the Joomla "Doktors" donned their white jackets and sat down to help folks with what was ailing them, be it code, a question or a quick session on fixing a problem with a site. At one point, we had ten people around the table, of which eight were women.
The Joomla Doktor is In... The Joomla Doktor is In... Fonny Smets

The more events I attend, the more women I see attending them. I was able to go to JoomlaDay New England and JoomlaDay Netherlands in April. JoomlaDay New England is traditionally an event that has a high ratio of women attending. JoomlaDay Netherlands had a great turnout with about 20% women, including eight female speakers out of 36. 

Some of the highlights at both events included sharing... knowledge, ideas, crafts, and a good dance. An impromptu love-fest happened at JDNL when the band sang James Taylor's song, "You've Got A Friend"... what began as a few people turned into the entire dance floor in one big circle dance. I'm sure there are stories like this one that happen at each event. More and more, there are spouses and families who tag along and some events arrange a "partner day" of sight-seeing.

Aside from the code, we have a really strong community. And, no matter what gender you are, there is always plenty to do at a JoomlaDay. Be sure to sign up for the next event near you, or get yourself to the CMS Expo in Chicago or JandBeyond in The Netherlands. 

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