Joomla!-Based New Year's Resolution Ideas

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Instead of the normal, common New Year's resolutions so many attempt to attain like shedding some pounds, eating better and curbing work-o-holic tendencies, I've come up with a few Joomla-based resolutions that are EASY to attain.

Answer one forum post per week

The Joomla Forums are full of people needing help on varying levels. If each of us answered one post a week that is within our skillset to answer, we could help a lot more people! It would also take some burden from the volunteers who currently moderate the forums. Maybe one post a week is too much for your busy lifestyle. If so, how about one a month?

Write one article for the Joomla! Community Magazine this year

The JCM welcomes authors! Sharing your knowledge and expertise about Joomla topics is a great resolution. You don't have to "know-it-all" to write an article. Articles can be from many skill levels to help others in the Joomla Community. Many authors contribute more than one article per year. Yet, starting with a doable goal of one article this year is a great way to get started.

Attend a JUG meeting

There are JUGs all over the world! Attending a local JUG meeting is beneficial for everyone. Get to know the other members. Fellow members of a JUG can be real resources for each other.

Present at a JUG meeting

Teaching/Presenting to others is such a great skill. When we teach others, it sets in what we know on an even deeper level. Perhaps you are someone who doesn't attend local JUG meetings because you "know more" than whoever is speaking. If that's the case, why not offer to be a speaker? I'm sure the members would love to learn from you.

Perhaps you can think of other great Joomla-based New Year's resolutions. Why not enter a comment and share them with all of us?

Happy 2014 Friends!!

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Jennifer Gress

Jennifer Gress

Jennifer Gress has been working with Joomla! since 2006 with its beginnings in corporate america for employers. Clients began approaching her to build websites for them in January of 2010. Jennifer's skills from corporate life; project management, training and more, combined with her knowledge and experience with Joomla! make her a well rounded web designer and co-leader for the Joomla! Users Group in the Bay Area. Jenn enjoys singing, bird watching, geology and real estate.