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Growth, improving, expanding! Is the status of the Joomla! project meeting its demands? Where do we want to go and why? What will Joomla look like in 10 years? And where will we be on an international level?

Code versus community, or community versus code!

Does an expanded community make our code better? Does improved code benefit our market share? Does it help local communities all over the world to get more connected and promote Joomla in their region?

These are ust some of the blurbs that leadership hears, listens to and debates. How can we learn what the needs are from our own community and local communities? How can we learn from other projects? Do they have the same growing pains and similar discussions about the future?

There are no straight answers that leadership can pull out of its hat like a magician. Joining discussions at Joomla events and beyond Joomla with input from our own community and that of other projects helps us to create a view, a mission and vision for our project.

Connecting with local communities

With that in mind the OSM (Open Source Matters) President, Sarah Watz went to the first JoomlaDay organized in Russia, to try make this community feel more connected. The Russian market is a huge one and a large number of local community members only need guidance to welcome them to contribute to the international Joomla project. A full report about this event can be found in the July issue of this magazine.

At JoomlaDay Mexico, Ryan Ozimek showed the Mexican community how to get involved in the project and discussed growth of the local community and concerns about the Joomla leadership and support of the Latin American community.

Connecting with other projects

Learning more from other projects and communities is the goal of the Community Leadership Summit, an event that is organized every year in Portland. Dianne Henning, David Hurley and Sander Potjer represented the Joomla Leadership at this event. Read about their findings in this issue of the magazine.

It’s not always easy to get leaders of several projects in one place at the table. But technology makes it possible to do so in a hangout where everyone who is interested can join to listen or to bring up interesting questions.

An interesting hangout about Community Growing Pains took place at the beginning of July. On the panel were Ruth Cheesley and David Hurley on behalf of the Joomla project, amongst community managers Joost Poortvliet of the ownCloud project, and Ben van ‘t Ende of the Typo 3 project.

Another yearly event of interest is the Grace Hopper Conference to promote women in computing. This year the Joomla project decided to sponsor the event. Promoting Joomla at events outside our community is a good way to increase the awareness. Sarah Watz and Ruth Cheesley will be representing the Joomla project at the conference in October.

Cleaning up

While dealing with these questions about securing the future of the project, dealing with today and the current reality is important as well. Don’t forget to update to the latest version that was released recently. There are a lot of improvements and fixes in this new release that was worked on during some events.

The Production Leadership Team has been working for a while on a transition for the bug tracker from Joomlacode to the Joomla! Issue Tracker. A clean up Sprint was organized in Manchester to help clean up the tracker list on JoomlaCode. There is a full report on this event in this issue of the magazine

Sign up!

If you prefer to talk code and learn code, become a part of the hands on workshops. Make sure you attend the Developer Conference in Chicago on August 7th and 8th where several PLT members will be present.

Right after the developer conference, on August 9th, you can stay in Chicago and attend JoomlaDay Chicago.

And don’t forget to register for the upcoming Joomla World Conference in November in Cancun. The call for sessions is open and the Early-Bird ticket deadline is August 31st!

If your budget doesn't allow you to travel, please sign up for the Joomla Event Traveller Programme. Hurry up - the deadline for it is set for August 15th.

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Marijke Stuivenberg

Marijke Stuivenberg

Marijke Stuivenberg got involved in the Joomla Community since 2007. Starting with translating Joomla in Dutch and helping in the Bug Squad. She is also participating in the Joomla Translation Coordination Team en helps testing security issues in JSST.

As one of the co-founders of JoomlaCommunity.eu she is very active in the Dutch Community on many areas. She is the leader of the Dutch Translation Team which maintains the Dutch Translations for Joomla and many 3rth party extensions.

Currently she is filling the role of Secretary of Stichting Sympathy, the Dutch foundation that supports Joomla in the Netherlands and Secretary of the board of OpenSourceMatters.

Marijke is a musician by profession, in daily life she teaches young and old(er) how to play the Saxophone.