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Leaf It to Joomla!

Leaf It to Joomla!

Yesterday I took out the garbage and came back inside carrying this beautiful sign of the changing seasons. It got me thinking about the many chapters of the Joomla story, and how it's always something new...

You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

At 6 years old, Joomla is still a young organization, but how many CMS Open Source projects boast a Google page rank of 10, an inspired and ingenious global community spanning every continent and hundreds of countries, and over 25,000,000 downloads powering almost 3% of all websites and holding nearly 10% of the entire CMS market share? Businesses thrive and lives are changed by the availability, flexibility, and power of Joomla. I couldn't agree more with JCM contributor Nicholas Dionysopoulos's recent words: "Joomla! is an enabler of success."

Not Too Shabby

Indeed, Joomla wasn't born yesterday. Its popularity is thanks to the founders, a community that cares deeply, and the many people who have worked hard to contribute, lead, produce the code, and protect the Joomla name and its finances since the very beginning. I witnessed Joomla's birth as a Mambo user from afar, and today am fortunate to have become involved in the project in meaningful ways, connected to many who make it what it is.

Time for a Change

Joomla has seen a lot of changes since its beginning, and no doubt will see many more. As we get bigger and older it is important to re-evaluate the way we do things. Facing change with reluctance is human nature, and I confess a twinge of sadness over the leadership structure changes discussion, because I enjoy being a part of OSM. But if a new structure is arrived at thoughtfully, with input from the community and via a transparent process, the project will be well-equipped to face the next season. It is a positive, hopeful initiative, and I am confident that a solution will be reached that is worthy of Joomla.

Neverending Story

One place to stay informed of all kinds of Joomla-related news, info and people, is right here on the JCM. I have been a part of the magazine's own seasons and story of becoming since it started, and am honored this month to be asked to join Paul Orwig and Dianne Henning in the lead editor cockpit. My wish is that in this issue you will find something to inspire, inform, and maybe even motivate you to share your Joomla experience or how-to expertise by submitting an article for a future issue. Thanks for reading!

“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower”
—Albert Camus
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