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10 Reasons: Joomla is Easy For Everyone


Users love the results from software platforms but are often wary of whether they will be able to understand how to use it themselves. Joomla is one of the tools that has been admired but feared in the past, with many thinking something so powerful could also be user-friendly.

At one point, I thought the same about Joomla before I actually tried it. Then, I couldn’t believe the ease of use for even the most non-tech individual. Here are ten ways Joomla is super easy. 

1. Installation and Set-up

There are only three simple steps to install Joomla that takes just a few minutes to complete. That means no extensive tutorials to watch or process that takes hours. For the novice, that’s a good start to working with software. In terms of set-up, Joomla is essentially an out-of-the box, plug-and-play content management system. 

2. Assistance and Resources

While it’s easy to get started, it doesn’t mean you will immediately know everything about Joomla just like doing so. Everything can’t be learned about a program in one sitting. However, Joomla makes it easy to learn as you go. They offer a readable guide on how to get started and how to use it and a friendly community where you can ask questions and get answers. 

3. Ready-made Features

Not having to do things from “scratch” also makes Joomla accessible to everyone. That includes its 8,000+ extensions and thousands of templates for your website. Anyone using Joomla can showcase a website that looks like they hired a professional design team.

4. Website Control

When website software is too complex, you have to hand it off to someone else to manage it. But, Joomla facilitates the ability for you to retain control over your website and website setting options from one dashboard. With Joomla, that’s the JSN PowerAdmin feature. 

5. Content Diversity

As a content management system, Joomla is easy to use for websites and blog content. However, it also goes a step further by offering ways to display non-standard content thanks to the functionality found in its components and modules. 

6. Multilingual Support

Joomla makes it easy to use multiple language functionality for your website or blog thanks to built-in features. Other content management systems can only offer this through a third-party plugin, which means having to learn another program. 

7. Security Measures

Although the security features are easy to understand and manage on Joomla, it doesn’t mean they are lax or open to vulnerabilities. Instead, Joomla provides a straightforward security system with multiple layers that are clearly defined within their content management system. 

8. Community and Social 

Joomla has been designed with community and social networking in mind. Therefore, it offers a plethora of social networking features that walk you step-by-step through creating and managing an engaging presence on these platforms. 

9. E-commerce Features

Adding e-commerce features to a website can be some of the most challenging aspects. Often, it requires many different integrations that it becomes too complicated for the average business owner. However, Joomla has streamlined the process into a simple recipe.

10. Costs

Finally, Joomla is easy on everyone’s budgets. It’s free to download and use. From there, it has some of the lowest-priced plug-ins and themes.

A No-Brainer

From installation and set-up to management and security to the cost, Joomla is the go-to content management system for all types of businesses. They make it easy to make that great first impression, engage with your audience, and deliver a positive customer experience. 

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