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Goooaaal Joomla!

Goooaaal Joomla!

What do the World Cup and Joomla have in common? They bring together people on every continent, focusing all their attention and energy on one objective. The 2014 ball design even reminds me of the Joomla logo. As many of us cheer our home teams, and those of our friends, let’s take a look at a new goal coming up on the Joomla Community Magazine…

The Joomla Community Magazine is four years old this month, and we're celebrating by bringing some needed changes: adding new features to the JCM and giving higher visibility to our growing international contributors.

At J and Beyond last month a team was organized to map out an overhaul for the magazine to implement the following improvements, amongst others:

  • Better functionality/navigation for International Stories
  • Better organization for images and files
  • More flexible tagging system 
  • Separate Author/Translator profiles
  • Access level specific notifications

Randy Carey, the JCM Migration Lead and Content Strategist, says, “This migration project gives us a chance to rethink how Joomla can best support a magazine. The content will be migrated, but everything else rethought and redeveloped. We will be relying on the Joomla core where we can, and extend responsibly. We aim to separate content from web-page formatting so that the JCM can be syndicated through multiple channels. We are rethinking and developing the workflow of an article from creation to publication. And of course, JCM will sport a new look. I’m excited to work with my varied and talented teammates. And when done, we’ll share what we learned, because after all, those in the Joomla community are all on the same team!”

The JCM Migration Team members are:

  • Chiara Aliotta
  • Guillermo Bravo
  • Peter Bui
  • Babs Gösgens
  • Alice Grevet
  • Dianne Henning
  • Olaf Offick

Go Team Joomla! – Joom! Joom! Joom! La! La! La!

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