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Leadership Highlights December 2014

Leadership Highlights December 2014

Coming home from the sunny beaches in Mexico after the Joomla! World Conference, returning to your home desks and daily life…

It was good to see so many of you face-to-face in Cancun. It is always great to see how energizing these live meetings work for the project. It gives the project and ourselves the boost to keep it vibrant.


No doubt about what has been the hottest topic that was debated in the past month. Some weeks before the Joomla! World Conference, a proposal was shared amongst active community members after it was shared within the Leadership, dealing with structure changes within the Joomla! Project.

Numerous comments were made on the proposal and it was heavily debated on several instances. At the world conference, an extra session was scheduled at the last minute to present the proposal and alternative proposals by community members. An audio recording of this session is available and a transcription was created afterwards.

The structure team is working on processing all the input, considering all comments and alternatives. A revised timeline has been announced.


One of the challenges to become a contributor, or to find a volunteer with the right skills for a project has been to get in touch with the right people. The launch of the brand new Joomla! Volunteers Portal, that was proudly presented at the end of the world conference, will help find all volunteers their way much more easily. We’re thrilled to see how many of you already signed up. If you didn’t so far, hurry and put your profile up there. We need you!


The Joomla family of websites have been hosted by Rochen for all these years. Rochen has always been on top of serving our websites and providing support very quickly as issues turned up. Lately, we had noticed some flaws and downtime, mostly due to heavy attacks. Securing and managing servers for a project the size of Joomla is not that simple.

In the past week, almost all of the websites were moved to a new server. Rochen has provided Joomla with a number of their state-of-the-art Managed Cloud Servers to host all the projects sites. Not only will performance be increased, but security is also enhanced along with more flexibility as the project grows.

A huge thank you goes to Rochen, Chris Adams, and their staff for all the hours they have put into this service.


Leadership members come and … go. Yes, it is one of those times that we need to accept that being a member of one of the Leadership Teams takes a lot of our volunteers. Right now a number of Leadership Team members expressed their desire to step down from their responsibilities. But we’re pleased to know that they will continue to contribute in another way.

Michael Babker (PLT) will continue at the Framework Team, managing servers and participating in the Automated Testing working groups. Roberto Segura (PLT) will be the release leader for Joomla version 3.5. David Hurley (PLT) will focus his time in Managing the Joomla Developer Community and outreaching new members in the broad PHP community. Nick Savov (PLT) passes the coordination of the Joomla Bug Squad to Roland Dalmulder, but will continue participating in the Joomla Bug Squad. Radek Suski (OSM) will continue contributing to the events team, the JET programme team and the social media team.

We wish to thank each and everyone of them for their past and future efforts, and all their support for the Joomla! Project.

Although the nomination form is available permanently to continuously gather suggestions, a call for Production Leadership Team nominations has been published to fill some gaps in their skills base.

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